Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Please pray for Witt. Witt had to be moved back to a critical care floor early this morning. His lungs have more fluid, his stomach was very distended and his heart rate was staying above 80. I am very grateful that Melanie chose not to go home with Witt on oxygen. We could have been home when all this happened. Once again this is tough. Once again we need the strength to walk, to walk as Christ. Sometimes its hard to see God's hand in all this but that's when we have to trust His heart...a heart that is faithful and infinitely loves Witt.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We still can't turn Witt's oxygen down. He is not getting very much at all but definitely needs some to keep his oxygen saturation up. It's because his lungs are still "wet". The doctor said we can go home with oxygen but right now Mel would rather not. It would mean he is still not totally healthy and she would really like to leave here with him healthy! I am asking God to dry his lungs. Hey, He parted the Red Sea and dried the bottom. Nothing is impossible!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Slow Progress

Witt is doing better, however the progress has slowed a bit. As one doctor described it: "We have one foot out the door headed home." We seem to be dragging the last foot a bit! His lungs still have some stuff (you'd think I would know the medical term by now!) in them that is shifting around. The doctor did say that they sound a little better. Witt's oxygen is set at "1/4". He just can't quite tolerate dropping it to "1/8". He still has quite a bit of heavy mucous in his nasal passages. We don't have the results of the latest echocardiogram done just an hour ago. We don't expect to find any fluid around the heart but want to make sure. We are without a doubt trusting God for His perfect timing in going home. Thank you....each and everyone of you for all the does make a difference!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Witt continues to improve. His oxygen is turned down to about the lowest possible setting and his saturation stays mostly at 100. Respiratory continues to do the "clapping" therapy and yesterday added breathing treatment. This morning they did a deep suction which really helped also. Tomorrow morning his lungs will be xrayed and he will have another echocardiogram just to make sure fluid is still gone. Witt is eating great and really taking things in now. You can't help but melt when he looks right at you and furrows his brow! These last weeks were certainly not the plans I had made but they were the steps directed by God. We can choose to be dragged in those steps kicking and screaming or we can be carried by Christ. One way leaves the footprints of Christ for others to follow, the other way just leaves marks in the dirt. I pray we always choose Christ...our Refuge, our Strength, our Hope!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Witt is being moved from PCU to "infant care" where he'll only have a monitor for oxygen saturation level. He is back to a fairly normal eating and sleeping schedule as we anxiously wait for him to return to 100%. He is doing remarkably well and we couldn't be more thrilled! We're praying that he'll home in his own bed as we welcome in the New Year!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008


The cardiologist report was very good. He didn't see any leakage in the valve that is an issue or posing any problem. Witt does have a small Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), which is a small hole, but the doctor said that it should pose no issue and will close up as Witt gets older. They will watch him in follow-up visits. So bottom-line, the heart is not contributing to any issues that Witt has with his lungs. GREAT CHRISTMAS present.


This afternoon, Witt had a echocardiogram and a EKG and we are still waiting for the cardiologist to read the results. The doctors want to check further to be sure if Witt has a leaking valve that was seen on a previous echocardiagram. They also have found that his right lung, upper lobe is slightly collapsed again. They treat this with clapping on his back to loosen and help him breath. Melanie is holding Witt so that he can get some rest. Grandmother Karen is trying to get some rest as well. Updates when we hear from the doctor. Thank you for you prayers.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Without a doubt, this Christmas has brought such different perspectives to my life. God has certainly used this to clear all the worldly clutter away to bring me back to truly appreciate the birth of Christ! On a much lighter side, I also have some new appreciations. I appreciate the fact that in the PICU waiting room at Texas Children's there are big recliners (about 20) basically in a circle for family to sleep in. Melanie and I stayed 8 nights there so she could be with Witt around the clock. I always woke up to fresh coffee and some kind of breakfast treat! It's hard to really describe how funny it is to go to bed or actually "go to chair" with total strangers. One night I fell asleep and awoke with a man I had never seen just inches away! Now, I have come to really appreciate a hospital room. Witt is in his own huge room...2 TV's, dvd player and a couch that pulls out to almost a full bed. Witt is doing wonderfully! He just ate over 3 ounces from a bottle and is resting in Melanie's arms. What a God....what a day....what a Savior! Merry Christmas to all!!!


Merry Christmas from Witt’s family. Witt, his mom, Mel and grandma, Karen are all waking up at Texas Children’s Hospital today. Many things are different today than what we originally planned. But today is what God planned. We celebrate today because God surprised the world with a baby that would save the world. Mary and Joseph, the baby’s earthly parents never expected their lives to be used by God in such a way. When we wake up at the foot of Christ each morning we should expect to be blessed in different ways as well. How do we see today? Is it about the tree, the food, the surprising presents and time off from work? Will today be a lasting memory or just another Christmas and the day before the 26th? Could today be the very first day that we really take God at His Word? Our prayer as a family is for all of us to take today and spend time with God in His Word. Let God show you how Christ lived, how He died and how He lives through us again. Let Christ surprise you today with His love for you. Let a Child change you today. God promised the world will be different when we let Christ live through us everyday. Celebrate this day as you trust Christ to surprise you each morning and all throughout your day.

Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The mucous is gone out of Witt's lung but there still is fluid in both so they are continuing to "push" oxygen with a cpap. He is still off the ventilator but his breathing rate is a little fast. The nurse just gave him a diuretic. Please join us in praying for the fluid to leave his lungs and his breathing rate to come down! We know that Witt will be here in the hospital for Christmas but without a doubt this is the best place for him right now! This may be the easiest Christmas to truly remember what we are celebrating...the birth of our Savior...the birth of the One who came to give us life...the birth of the One that holds Witt in His hands. I look at Witt and can't imagine that Christ gave up His place in heaven to come as a baby just like Witt. Nevertheless, He came and that is what we will celebrate as a family tomorrow...from Colorado to Texas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Mel is holding Witt...and God is holding them!


Witt was taken off the ventilator around 3pm. He is doing great. He does have oxygen and is breathing a little fast. He will for sure remain in the PICU for at least 24 hours and then move to a lower level care. I praise God for being the giver of life and for being the sustainer of life!


They are for the 3rd time testing (cpap) Witt to get him off the ventilator. Each time he has "passed" but each time they left him on to do the heart tap. He had the heart tap yesterday and all went well! Witt will be tested for 2 hours then the ventilator will be turned back up for a couple of hours to let him rest. Around 4 they will take the tube out. The doctor believes he is ready but there are no guarantees so please be praying. God is our Guarantee!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


This has been a day of ups and downs, at least from a human perspective! What I want to remember and ask prayers for us to remember is that God is always "up". He is always on His throne. His position never ever changes. We just need to remember to always look up! Have you ever been walking by someone who was looking up at the sky? You can't help but look up to see what they are looking at. That is my heart's desire as we go through this. I want us to always look up to the face of Christ. I want others in this waiting room (which is also my and Melanie's dorm!) to stop and ask what we are "looking" at!
Psalm 42:11 Why are you downcast, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God (look up to Him!), for I shall yet praise Him, the Help of My Countenance and my God!


After consultation the doctors have decided to do the heart tap. They feel this is a virus but they just want to make sure. God is still the God Who does more and accomplishes more than we could ever ask...He does it in His perfect timing! He is our Stay and the Stability of our lives even in the midst of changing medical opinions!!!


Just before Melanie came in and told me the great news about not doing the procedure I was reading in Ezra. The rebuilding of the temple had started then was stopped but the Jews resumed the work. Some people asked King Darius to make them stop. This is where God just amazes me...glory to Him! King Darius came back with not just a decree but a "moreover"! He said to leave the work alone and moreover give them whatever they need from the royal treasury! God just did a "moreover" here with Witt! We still don't know about the amount of fluid but the procedure is stopped. Moreover, he wants Witt taken off the ventilator as soon as possible and he wants him to go home as soon as possible! I had been asking for God to do more than we could ever ask for...a "moreover". Glory to God...may the name of Christ be exalted more than it has ever been!


They are not doing the procedure!!! This new Cardiologist hasn't even looked at a new echo but says there is absolutely no need to do the procedure! The fluid is not affecting his heart at all. He wants them to proceed and get Witt off the ventilator!!!! He said his heart is good, his blood pressure is good and certainly the structure is great!!! GLORY!!!!


We are still waiting for the cardiology team to make rounds and do the procedure. We continue to ask God to just shock the doctors and remove the fluid! There is still no doubt that Christ is our peace...Emmanuel, God with us!! There are so many babies and children in this hospital. So many families that are here and will be here over Christmas. I am praying that Christ Himself is walking these halls and compelling people to come to Him. I pray that this Christmas He is their Present!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Witt's iv had to be replaced today because it was leaking. Unfortunately, they had a very difficult time replacing it and Witt wasn't given any of his meds as they tried and tried. They were finally able to get an iv in his head and he is resting now! The heart tap is still scheduled for early tomorrow morning but we are asking God to bring glory to Christ by removing the fluid!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


The echocardiogram this evening showed that the fluid has increased around Witt's heart. Because of this setback, the breathing tube will not be removed tomorrow and they have sedated him again. They are planning to tap the fluid off of Witt's heart on Monday. While the cardiologist didn't seem "alarmed" this news is very distressing to Mel, Austan and all of Witt's family. Please join us in petitioning God to remove the fluid before Monday!


Witt passed his first "test" for getting off the ventilator. It is turned back on but with even lower settings. They have given him steroids for some swelling in his throat because of the tube. Around 4am tomorrow morning they will "test" his breathing again then hopefully the tube will come out a little later! I really I am not the least bit objective but he is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Right now blood is being squeezed out of his heel and he is just sucking away on his pacifier even with his breathing tube in!


We need prayers for the next 2 hours as they monitor Witt's breathing. The doctors have turned the ventilator off (he's still receiving a little oxygen) but will not remove the tube unless his breathing rate slows down. The doctor that has followed Witt since his admission feels like the tube can be removed...however, the "weekend team" wants to see how he handles breathing without aid from the ventilator. Apparently, simply having the tube in place can actually cause him to breathe faster. SO, please pray for nice, slow breathing!!!


Witt is doing great!
He will probably even get the ventilator removed today!!! The doctor said that they will discuss it during rounds which are usually at 11:00am for Witt. More great news...He hasn't been sedated since last night! He is really looking around and it hasn't affected his breathing at all!!!
Glory be to the Father!!!
Thank you, sweet friends, for continuing to cover us in prayer.
More updates to come!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Thank you, God! The fluid around the heart is the same which is good news. They will not tap his heart. The cardiologist said the fluid is not hurting his heart at all, no stress or strain. Also they are doing more and more to let Witt breathe on his own. He is already trying to breathe even with the ventilator. As we continue to seek God and His strength, He is so faithful! He is faithful even when my trust and strength are failing. There were times that all I could do was simply say His name over and over again. His strength never fails. He has continued to fill me over and over again with a blind trust in Him, the kind of trust that God wants us to have, the kind of trust that can only come from Him!



Still don't know about fluid on heart. The head cardiologist (who we love!) wants to look at it for herself. The xray actually shows the heart to be "smaller". The head doctor said that she thinks he is looking good. Kind of no biggie to them if they have to "tap" him to get fluid off heart. If they do get some fluid they will send it off to be analyzed...might get some hints on what is going on. The fluid could even still come back but doesn't seem alarming to them. Because I know nothing medically, it is very apparent that all we can do is trust God. Mel and I just sit here and watch all these machines and hear bells and beeps! The head doctor was actually very encouraging.

Earlier this morning

Witt is doing better. They continue to wean him slowly from the ventilator. Right this second they are doing an echo cardiogram to be sure his heart is still functioning properly. When his sedation wears off, he wakes up and cries which is very hard on Melanie. With the tube in his mouth he can't make crying noises but he looks around and big tears come out of his eyes. The nurses quickly give him more sedation. The good news is that when this does happen he breathes a lot on his own. We haven't talked to the doctors yet this morning, but will share their reports as we know more.

Praying Witt is snug in his bed at home again soon!
(picture from last week)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Witt is doing a little better. There is less fluid around the heart but still a ways to go. They are slowly weaning him off the ventilator. He hasn't had a fever since yesterday. They will also try to feed him some breast milk through a tube later today. The doctor said that timing on him going home is really hard to say. It all depends on the specific virus that Witt has (which we will probably never know) and how his body will handle it. They can't guarantee he will be home by Christmas but I guarantee Christ will be with him!


Witt had a good night. They kept him sedated and he is still on a diuretic to remove fluid. The doctors are making rounds now. I will post again after we talk with them.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We just received WONDERFUL news that Witt does NOT have spinal meningitis!

The echo confirmed that his heart is normal, praise God! There is fluid in the sac around the heart but that is simply from the infection that is in his body. Still waiting for the spinal test results.

Witt is being tested for spinal meningitis right now, hopefully to rule it out. Then an echo will be performed. He definitely has an infection (based on his white blood cell count) but they are still trying to decide for certain if it is viral or bacterial, etc.


The pediatric cardiologist evaluated Witt and wasn't quite as alarmed about the heart. He said the heart looks normal now (no sounds indicate damage or problems). However, it is hard to tell because there have been conflicting reports. The cardiologist thinks the x-ray can be misleading and it is hard to tell if the heart really is enlarged. They are going to do an echocardiogram which should give more information.


Below is a prayer from a family friend, Megan. We have all "re-prayed" it many times. Witt's great-aunt, Lynn, summed up the feelings of many of our hearts right now "The hardest prayer is slow to come, not my will but Thine be done."

Heavenly Father, please keep this baby safe. I pray for peace. Lord, we know your will be done, but I pray we truly believe that now. I pray for a miracle. The Word says that if we pray in Jesus name that are prayers are heard, so I pray in Jesus' name that you will heal Witt! Please Lord, work a miracle. I pray you receive all the glory from this experience. Lord, have mercy on this family. Bring peace and comfort. Jesus, I just ask all these things in your wonderful, holy name. Amen.
-Megan F.



Urgent prayers for Witt's heart... it has enlarged more since he arrived at the hospital. They are doing tests as quickly as possible and working hard to make the best decisions in this moment.

There is now concern about Witt's heart. It is enlarged and it could be that the heart's condition is actually what is causing this infection. The reverse still could be true (that the respiratory infection led to the heart being enlarged), but they are taking a very close look at the heart and trying to figure out what to do from here. They are also testing for spinal meningitis (which is fairly standard on any baby this small with respiratory infection). Mel and Austan are with Witt as they are waiting for more results and answers. Please continue those fervent prayers.

They think Witt will be in the PICU in the hospital for a week while he is treated and heals. The test came back that he does have bronchialitis and that he does NOT have RSV.

Since the doctor was concerned that Witt is having too work too hard to breathe, they put in the breathing tube. It took them awhile but they were able to get an IV in also. Karen says the doctor has been wonderful so far, explaining everything very clearly to Mel and Austan. There are quite a few people working on little Witt. Thank you for your continued support and prayers... it truly sustains us!

They think Witt has bronchialitis (a respiratory infection in the lower bronchial tubes) so they are putting in a breathing tube to help ease his breathing. This will help him relax and then they'll start treatment. The nurses comforted them that the breathing tube should not be hard to remove once Witt is feeling better. Witt is now being admitted to the PICU, the Pediatric ICU, because he is too old for the NICU, neo-natal ICU.

This morning they took Witt back to Texas Childrens Hospital because he was breathing very quickly and seemed cold. When he arrived at the emergency room the nurses evaluated him and took him immediately for oxygen (his levels were in the 60's and should be in the 90's). Witt is currently being given oxygen and they are working to warm him up. They are trying to get an IV in to keep him hydrated (but are having trouble and might have to use a bone). X-rays will be done soon to confirm if he has a respiratory infection or what the source of this is. We are so thankful God gave Witt such attentive parents and loved ones who knew when something needed extra attention. Please continue to pray for Witt, the nurses and doctors, and the family today. I will post more as soon as there is more information.

"Hear my prayer, O God; listen to the words of my mouth." -PSALM 54:2

Monday, December 15, 2008


Today we went to the urologist for the results of Witt's ultrasound. The doctor said nothing has changed...there is still some reflux and some swelling in one of the ureters. The good news is it has not gotten any worse and it will be looked at again in 3 months. However, the ultrasound showed that there could be the possibility of kidney disease. We don't know any more than this. The urologist did say that what he saw does not always mean that there is disease but wants Witt to be seen by the renal specialists at Texas Children. They drew blood today to see what his creatinine level is. We don't have those results back. Witt will go to the renal specialists sometime in January. We continue to be where we have always been in Witt's life...thanking God, seeking His face, and relying on His strength. What we don't know God does know. And even what we do know God can change. It is with praise and thanksgiving that we go before God and ask Him to continue to heal perfect his kidneys. I ask and trust God to accomplish this in the way that brings Him infinite glory!

In other news... today was Witt's first nap in his big boy crib!

Monday, December 8, 2008


While the Luphers were in the area, they stopped back by the NICU nursery where Witt spent his first two weeks. What a joy it was for Mel and Austan to be able to share Witt with the nurses and doctors that poured love and attention on him during those first days. And what an amazing thing for the hospital staff to see how Witt has been growing at home!
The picture above brings tears to my eyes to see Witt in Mel's arms on this side of the door we used to have to walk through to visit him. Mel and Austan went through that door countless times to sit by their little man's side and simply be with him. Witt's loved ones spent countless hours on the outside of the NICU nursery door in the waiting room waiting for a turn to join one of the parents in Witt's room and get a peek at the little guy that stole all of our hearts.
There was a time, not so long ago, when we were told our only chance to meet Witt here on this earth would be on the other side of that door in his NICU nursery. And now what mighty, mighty things God has done. Witt is no longer hooked up to any tubes. He is not attached to a single monitor. He is simply cradeled in the arms of his parents living life at his earthly home. And we are so thankful to know that God's arms have been holding all of us through the NICU days and the home days alike!


Witt's kidney tests are done for today!
He had the ultrasound done first thing this morning. After that the technicians called the urologist to see why he even needed to have a VCUG test done again so soon (he just had this test done a month ago and normally it is performed 6 months to a year apart unless there is an infection or other issue). The urologist is out-of-town but his nurses could not find anything in the notes to indicate that Witt needed it done. So Witt didn't have to have the VCUG test done today after all! I know firsthand what a huge blessing this is for Witt as well as Mel and Austan. My daugther has had the same test and it is very uncomfortable for the babies to have the test done and very hard on the the parents that are holding them down while it is performed. We thank you Lord for sparing the Luphers from that today! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Next we ask for prayers for the results of Witt's ultrasound. They will meet with the doctor on Monday to go over the results. Thank you for your constant prayers for our sweet little guy!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Tomorrow Witt has his urologist appointment. At 10:30am is the ultrasound on his kidneys and 2:30pm is the VCUG which involves injecting dye and then taking x-rays. Once again I am asking God to make "right" what was "wrong". I am asking for the Creator to continue to be at work in Witt's physical body. He is Able, He is Worthy....glory to God! Also, we hope to see some of the people who were a part of Witt's life from the beginning. We hope that in Witt we are able to present to them an undeniable example of a living of God...a God who has the answers when doctors don't...a God who when you are at your "Witt's end" is just beginning...a God who is the One True Hope!


Witt is continuing to grow! He is still fighting a cold but managed to gain 4oz in a week. The cold has affected his eating some so we are grateful for the weight gain. Mel and Austan were also told Friday at the appointment that Witt's head is growing at a very normal rate and the doctor expects his large soft spot to close. Dr. Lange also gave his blessing for a trip to Colorado! As you can imagine this Christmas...celebrating the birth of Christ...has a whole new meaning for us. If you hear unexplained "Hallelujahs" this Christmas, know it is our family shouting from the mountaintops!

Thursday, December 4, 2008



Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This just in... Mel and Austan's genetic reports came back today and were COMPLETELY normal! Priase God for this absolutely wonderful news. The genetics specialist said that every chromosome (not just chromosome 1) were thoroughly analyzed and nothing appeared to be out-of-the-ordinary. This means that Witt's condition is not hereditary. The specialist told them the chances of having a future baby with Trisomy 1 (or any other chromosomal disorder) are just as unlikely for their family as anyone else. We are so thankful for this news and rejoicing greatly!