Monday, December 29, 2008

Slow Progress

Witt is doing better, however the progress has slowed a bit. As one doctor described it: "We have one foot out the door headed home." We seem to be dragging the last foot a bit! His lungs still have some stuff (you'd think I would know the medical term by now!) in them that is shifting around. The doctor did say that they sound a little better. Witt's oxygen is set at "1/4". He just can't quite tolerate dropping it to "1/8". He still has quite a bit of heavy mucous in his nasal passages. We don't have the results of the latest echocardiogram done just an hour ago. We don't expect to find any fluid around the heart but want to make sure. We are without a doubt trusting God for His perfect timing in going home. Thank you....each and everyone of you for all the does make a difference!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

nThanks for the update. Prayers continue. ~Mindy

Leah J. said...

Praying! I am constantly thinking of and praying for Witt, Mel, Austan, and the rest of the family.