Sunday, May 27, 2012


Yes, its true!  Melanie and Austan are expecting!!!!  The baby is due early December.  I literally jumped for joy when Melanie and Austan told me!  Melanie has had her twelve week check up and all is well.  You can't see much but they have heard a very strong heartbeat.  As with Witt, they will not find out the sex of the baby till he or she is born.  Melanie thinks adding a baby girl to the family would be great.  Of course, we are asking God for a healthy baby.  I have always appreciated your prayers more than you will ever know and now I am asking for prayers again.  I am asking God for a healthy sibling to carry Witt's story, really God's story, to the next generation to His infinite glory.  This is Witt's blog but I don't think he will mind updates on his brother or sister.  I will keep everyone informed!  Also, over the next month or 2, Witt will have his cardiac and pulmonary check ups.  Thank you for your continued prayers for Witt.  I believe all babies are a miracle, God's very perfect creation and Witt is a wonderful reminder of God's hand in life!!

Witt's laugh will always bring joy!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


It was a wonderful Mother's Day with Witt! I am still amazed by the mother that God created in Melanie. Yesterday, our pastor encouraged mom's to "never grow weary in doing good" and Mel never seems to! Please continue to pray for Witt's overall health. He has cardiac and pulmonary appointments later this summer. Blessing to all you mom's and special prayers of healing and peace to those who have lost their moms.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday afternoon my mom and I took Witt in for a pre op visit to go over insurance, anesthesia, take his vitals etc. I've had an unsettled feeling about the procedure for a while and wasn't sure this was the right time to do it. I'm not totally sure why I didn't feel good about it I just knew I didn't. The nurse practitioner said that he did not need a cardiac anesthesiologist which normally he does. She called the cardiologist and on call and he reviewed Witts echo and the said that he didn't think he needed one either. I didn't recognize the name of the cardiologist and didn't feel comfortable with him not really knowing anything about Witt. Austan and I thought it was important to speak with Witts cardiologist about it first. Also they said that he needed blood work before having anesthesia and they could do it up there but it would have to be a vein stick. Witt is very hard to vein stick normally. In the ER they have to call in a special team to come and do it and they use ultrasound machines and lights. Had I known he needed it I could've scheduled to have it done the day before or that day in the lab where they would do a finger stick which is much easier on Witt. Everything was feeling a bit unorganized with the anesthesia and the lab work I just didn't feel comfortable proceeding with it that day. It is nothing he needs immediately. He can have done anytime so we will wait and have it done after we see his cardiologist and pulmonologist sometime in July. Witt normally does fine with anesthesia but we take every procedure very seriously with him, we never know if he will have a bad reaction one time or not. Thank you for continued prayers. Witt is doing great otherwise. He has started with a new OT and will start with a new speech therapist this summer. Austan and I are enjoying living life with him. I continue to feel more blessed and fall more in love with him daily.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sorry it has been so long. Things have been a little busy around here. Witt is doing great! I promise a full update soon. Until then here are some photos. One quick prayer request first, Witt will be having a sedated hearing test on Tuesday May 8. It has to be done with anesthesia which is never fun. Please ask God to open up his little ears and protect him during the test. It could take up to 3 hours. We should have results that day. Thanks!