Thursday, January 19, 2012


Dr. Macicek had nothing but good news today! Witt hadn't had an echocardiogram in almost 2 years. The one today showed that Witt's heart isn't any worse and actually a tiny bit better in some ways! He said that clinically Witt looks a lot better. Witt is only on four medications which is amazing. Dr. Macicek said to try weaning Witt off of one of his two doses of diuretic and even possibly turn some of his vent settings down slightly. Melanie will try this in a few weeks. Tomorrow Witt has his 6 month checkup with Dr. Ruiz, the pulmonologist. Right now I am shouting "How Great is Our God, He is Mighty to Save!"
Dr. Macicek and Witt!

It takes most the afternoon to have the echo, xray and get the results.
We did manage to keep ourselves entertained!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Witt has his first echocardiogram in almost 2 years tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. We will get the results and see Dr. Macicek also! This will be done without sedation. Please join me in praying that Witt stays relaxed and doesn't wiggle around too much. I am asking Christ to just be hugging on Witt and keeping him still!! Witt's numbers(heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc.) are all good and unchanged so we don't anticipate any changes in his heart condition. Whenever I ponder the things of Witt I just keep hearing Witt's anthem..."Mighty To Save"! I am asking God to continue to show how Mighty He is to a world that desperately needs Him through Witt!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTAN! Yesterday was Austan's 30th birthday. Witt and family helped him celebrate with a hunting themed birthday party!

God continues to amaze and bless us! Witt has been off oxygen for several days now! He is, of course, still on the ventilator but that may even need to be turned down because even without the added oxygen Witt is still satting at 98-100. This could mean that the vent is giving more support than Witt needs!! Witt is sitting up real well now and just needs to learn to not throw himself back. He absolutely has the strength to sit up. Witt's therapist, Robin, also said that he is putting some weight on his legs and arms! When I said that Witt continues to improve even if its tiny steps Robin said, "Karen, these are not tiny improvements. They are big!" Another area of improvement is his making sounds! Witt has found his voice and loves to use it!

Jim played ball with Witt...

And Witt let Jim know when he was finished!

Yesterday, I listened to a sermon by John Piper entitled "Why Was This Child Born This Way?" from 5/25/11(2 more messages 6/811, 6/811). This is a great message that sheds God's light on Witt and all special needs kids. A couple of days ago Melanie emailed me this link( the blog of very special boy named Tripp. Please take the time to visit this blog and pray for Tripp and his family. I can't even imagine what his life must be like but I can more than imagine what grace and strength that our God is supplying to endure and be glorified through it all! It seems that Tripp's suffering may soon end. I am praying with each breath of Tripp(and Witt!) that God is infinitely glorified. I am praying the same for my life, for my breaths. God has numbered them...let them count for Him!!!