Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Melanie and Austan received great news yesterday from Witt's pediatric urologist!  Dr. Janzen said that the kidneys didn't appear to her to be any smaller.  The difference in the measurements was insignificant and could be attributed to shadow or where the tech places the cursor to take the measurements.  She said that the kidney tissue looked great and the kidney function is normal!  Also, she believes the kidney reflux that Witt was born with has resolved itself and there is no need for Witt to be on his daily dose of bactrim. Dr. Janzen simply wants to see Witt once a year for a check up.  Christ is certainly Witt's Sustainer.  I am grateful that He has chosen to sustain Witt with normal kidney function!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Lot of Life

A lot of life has happened since I last posted on Witt's blog.  Witt is doing quite well.  
He lost his second tooth!  He met his new cardiologist.

Witt spent several days at the Zapp Hall Antique show with Melanie and 
his growing little brother Bennett.

Our family said goodbye to GrandBud as he took his final breath on earth and stepped into eternal life face to face with Christ.  Nobody I know was more proud of Witt.  Daddy loved Witt and could never
speak of him without tears of joy.

We really like Witt's new cardiologist although filling Dr. Macicek's shoes is a tough task!  Witt's heart remains unchanged which is wonderful news.  A few weeks ago Witt had an ultrasound on his kidneys.  We don't know the complete results but were told that something is wrong.  This coming Tuesday Melanie and Austan will meet with the renal doctor and discuss what it all means.  With my dad's death and Witt's ultrasound I have been reminded how precious and uncertain this life is.  I do know that God's faithfulness is certain.  I know that Christ has carried us every time bad news has been given and sustained Witt with every breath and heart beat.  I am pleading with Him to heal Witt's kidneys all the while I know that He is Able to sustain Witt and overcome any physical abnormality.  I marvel that God, instead of making Witt's heart normal, He chose to make an abnormal heart work!
Once again, as I have many times in Witt's life, I am asking for a healing but seeking the Healer.  I am asking our God who is Mighty to Save to work all this to His infinite glory.

Witt loves to play with some of his "built in toys" and

his store bought ones too!!