Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Witt is doing great! He is still off oxygen and in a few weeks they will actually turn some of his ventilator settings down. Dr. Macicek will always want Witt to receive pressure support from the vent but some of the settings can be turned down because Witt’s oxygen saturation is staying 98-100. The vent is probably working too much for him!

There are so many things that God has taught me through Witt’s life…God has the final say in all things, we are all just a dependent on God for life as Witt is, be a “nevertheless” Christian(praise Him no matter what the circumstances) AND ask wholeheartedly for healing but seek the Healer!

I carry the truths with me as we walk forward with my daddy, Witt’s great grandfather, GrandBud. GrandBud has lived with bladder cancer for almost 30 years. The doctors originally removed a section of his bladder and then over the years have had to remove tiny little tumors. Just last week the urologist happened to take a look at GrandBud’s bladder(thank You, Lord!) and found a 4 inch, very fast growing tumor. The urologist removed the tumor but some had grown into the bladder wall. Dr. Dan Lehane(my younger sister’s, Cheryl’s, father-in-law) is an incredible oncologist here and is overseeing all of dad’s treatment. I know that God chose Cheryl and Michael for each other and Dan for our family! GrandBud will begin a 6 week regimen of chemo. Hopefully, that will actually take care of the remaining cancer. The urologist will look again in 6 weeks to determine if surgery is required. Daddy will turn 81 this month and just had complete shoulder replacement last fall. Please, Lord, no more surgery!

God has reminded me that just as in Witt’s life, He is in control of GrandBud’s life. I find infinite peace and rest in that truth…not because of the possible outcomes but because of Who is in charge of the outcomes! I want to praise my God Who is Worthy regardless of my circumstances (nevertheless!) just as that wonderful family did at Texas Children’s even as their precious boy passed from this life to life face to face with Christ. I am wholeheartedly asking God to heal my daddy’s bladder, to receive infinite glory for His healing hand but I am wholeheartedly seeking the Healer. God has called me to a fast of sorts for the next 6 weeks, along with other family and friends, as I humbly “seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face continually.”(1 Chron 16:11)!! Please pray for us during this time and I pray that you see God’s face more clearly too!

GrandBud with us at Bayou City Fellowship!
GranBud loving on Adelaide, his great granddaughter. He is an
unconditionally loving father, grandfather and great grandfather!

GrandBud and Grandmama...a wonderful example of
a Christian marriage!

One of GrandBud's greatest joy's is Witt! Daddy, this one is for you, Witt
playing his new lollipop drum!!