Sunday, October 23, 2011


I can hardly comprehend that Witt is 3 years old today! All I can think is GLORY!!! God has made it clear to me over and over that He is no less in control of all of our lives than He is of Witt's life. Its just that He used Witt's life to take so many of my blinders off! When I look at Witt I simply see God's hand, I see God's glory. I wish that for all our lives! Join me once again in shouting to the world:
How great is our God, sing with me How great is our God, and all will seeHow great, how great is our God!!!!!!
Witt...1 day old!

1 week old!

1 year old!
2 years old!
Witt is a 3 year old today!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Blessing after blessing continue to flow! Bayou City Fellowship has welcomed us with open arms. Witt has been to church several times and a church picnic. Sunday I was able to share again with a fellow member how this church is a direct answer to my year long prayer for a solution to Witt, Melanie and Austan getting to go to church. Undoubtedly, it is and will be used to answer many prayers as Curtis leads the congregation to exalt the name of Christ in the city and beyond!

At church this past Sunday, Beth Moore asked me about Witt, his story. I explained the medical side and shared a small bit about what a miracle and blessing he is. She asked about Melanie and Austan and commented that they seem to be doing well. I said that I believe they are doing well! I said that after witnessing God with them in this situation that I am not worried about anything this world has to throw at them...God is Able! The other day I was listening to a podcast about God getting you through your desert times in life. It made me ponder the Luphers and their desert. It is truly amazing that God Himself is still there helping us in the desert times of our lives but it is even more mind boggling to me to see that God can flat get the sand out of your eyes and turn your desert into the Promise Land. The beginning of Witt's life seemed like a horrible desert time and yet that same life is full of one blessing after another. God didn't simply carry the Luphers through their desert he changed it into a beautiful oasis. He is Able!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Melanie, Witt, Annalee, Adelaide, Graham and I loaded up the Tahoe and drove to Wheeler, TX for Witt's first wedding! It was Lisa Scott's wedding. She is one of my best friend's(Carol Scott) daughter who grew up with Melanie and Evan. The wonderful time began with a hayride/barbecue followed the next day with the rehearsal dinner. We have been in an extreme drought but it rained all 4 days we were there. It was hard to complain but we did ask God to part the rain for a brief time for the outdoor ceremony. Witt's first wedding was a wonderful blessed event!!

God stopped the rain the day of the wedding and brought cooler weather!

Witt and the bride and groom(Lisa and Seth)

Austan, Melanie and Witt were all smiles at a wonderful first wedding!

Witt and the mother of the bride(Carol)