Monday, March 21, 2011


Witt is doing great! We are getting ready to spend the week in Warrenton for the antique show. So today we had to make sure he looks his best and took him to get a haircut.

Please notice that Witt and I are wearing a duel cape.
He did not like getting his haircut at all. The lady was very fast and did a great job.

Witt can't talk because of his trach but he sure finds ways to make noise

Saturday, March 12, 2011


We and I have been trying to take Witt to the zoo for weeks and we finally made it happen. We went in the middle of the week in the afternoon. When we got there it was a little more crowded then we thought it would be. My mom went to buy the tickets and they were free. Free! On all the days we have been trying to go to the zoo we happen to go on free zoo day. Normally being free would be a good thing but we like to avoid big crowds with Witt. It ended up working out just fine once we got in and the crowds went all different directions. Of course Mr. Witt fell asleep right after we got there. We had tons of fun and it was one of those rare prefect days in Houston. Here are some pics from our day!

Annalee, Me(Mel), Witt, Adelaide, and Graham
Mom,(Karen) and the grandkids
The Boys!

Witt has a horn on his cart. Adelaide honked it whenever she found an animal from her list!

A note from Karen: Lest anyone think God is not still using Witt in my life to teach me many things, let me tell you what happened before we actually got into the zoo!! Because everyone was free at the zoo the parking lot was a little crazy. We do have a handicap card to park but all the handicap spaces were full up front. We drove around and finally were waiting(turn signal on) for a car to back out of a regular spot. We had to wait a couple of minutes. The way it worked out a car drove up and turned in before I could pull in!!! It wouldn't have even been so bad except that I had Witt and Melanie with me. I politely told the man that I had been waiting several minutes for the space...that all the handicap spaces were full and I had my special needs grandbaby with me. His reply was, "Life is tough!" Oh, my goodness!!!! I said, "Seriously, that is your response. I have been waiting on this space. All the handicap spaces are full." He once again said, "Yeah, life is tough." I actually sort of chuckled to my self thinking how "funny" it was that this man and his wife were telling me and my daughter with Witt in the car that "life is tough". I did say, "No, sir...this isn't tough. Life in a wheelchair...that gets a little tough." There was no response and they walked away leaving their car in the parking spot! Now, let me tell you how God had prepared me for this so that my joy would not be stolen and although I was shocked and amazed I was never angry! I have been listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss' podcasts. It just so happened that morning when I was getting ready for the zoo her podcast was about controlling the tongue and our joy!!! She quoted from Proverbs 15:22...

A man has joy in an apt answer, and how
delightful is a timely word!

Nancy pointed out that it is in the way we answer that we have our joy. How great is our God to prepare us not just for the big things in life but for the little day to day things that can so easily steal our joy! By God's grace(and we all know its by His grace because its one thing to be rude to me but an entirely other thing when it involves Melanie and Witt!!) I answered politely and without a touch of anger. We did find more handicap spots at the very back of the parking lot. I can use all the exercise I can get!!! The day was a wonderful day with my daughter, daughter-in-law and the grandkids. In a weird kind of way it was more joy filled because of the way it started. Thank You, Lord for giving me the apt answer and filling me with Your joy. Thank You, Lord that You continue to use Witt for Your glory!!!!!