Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Witt's stander has arrived! It absolutely brings me to tears(of joy!) to see him in it. It also makes me realize how much Witt has tall he is!!!! I thank God for this technology that allows so many kids to stand tall who otherwise might never. This will really help Witt to strengthen his legs and could even help with his digestion. AND Witt likes it!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Witt has actually had a very busy few weeks!!! Melanie has gotten a lot of
use out of Witt's hat's. We've actually had some pretty cold weather here
in least cold for us!!

Witt helped Melanie and Austan celebrate their 5th year wedding
anniversary on the river in San Antonio!

Witt went with Melanie for a lunch date!

Witt really likes avocado!

Witt has also had several doctor's appointments. He continues to have some
fluid in his ear which sometimes has been infected. However, there is usually still
a smile on his face! Witt had an appointment with an eye specialist
who said that Witt's optical nerve is small but its still within the normal range.
The size of the optical nerve will actually never change now which is good news!
She said that Witt's eyes work just fine so Witt's ability to see or not is a function
of his brain. It's hard to tell exactly what Witt does process but one thing I
know for sure is that when Melanie walks in the door he always looks at
her and has the biggest grin!! Undoubtedly he does see and most the time he does
follow with his beautiful blue eyes! Maybe the best news came from Dr. Macicek.
First, Dr. Macicek will most likely remain at Texas Children's!!! He will very soon be an attending and no longer a fellow. Dr. Macicek said that Witt's heart is maintaining
and Witt's liver is actually smaller. AND all the specialists don't want to see Witt again
for at least 6 months....Hallelujah!!!! Except for the 2 weeks this summer when
Witt had an intestinal virus, he is closing in on being home for almost a year!!!
Almost unbelievable...BELIEVABLE MIGHTY GOD!!!!!

Right now Witt is running a low grade fever(100.2)and Mel just put a call into the pediatrician. Hopefully its just a normal 2 year old thing!!!