Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick update

Witt is staying warm!!!

Witt has been doing great! There have been no issues since our ER visit on new years. We have been very busy with doctor appointments for the new year. Witt went to my favorite lung doc at TCH, Dr. Ruiz and he said Witt looked like he was doing great. We talked a lot about the ventilator and turning his support down which we ended up doing. They took Witt's breath rate, number of breaths the machine gives him from 24 to 22. Nothing big but it is a start. Although there are no plans to take him off the ventilator any time soon. It has almost been a year since Austan and I decided to have the trach surgery done for Witt. He as had some serious surgeries but putting his trach in was the hardest one for me. I did not want to do it at all. When Witt came out of surgery and even a few days later he seemed so miserable. Austan and I for the first time were really second guessing our decision to have it done. Now almost a year later of having all the extra equipment in tow, which has not always been easy, Austan and I know we did the right thing. The trach and the ventilator as given us the most normal life we have had since Witt was born. Mr. Witt has also been dealing with some ear infections. Our last visit with his pediatrician he thought Witt's ears looked good but we have an appointment with the ENT on Monday. Witt also has an appointment with the eye doctor in a couple of weeks and I have to say I am the most nervous about this. They have to dilate his eyes and look in them. No kid likes to have their eyes held open. I can already feel my over protective side bubbling up just thinking about this appointment. If you would please pray that it won't be as bad as I'm thinking and if it is that I will remember they are not trying to hurt him. Witt is doing really well in therapy. He got this new vest called a spio. It looks like a little wet suit and it provides extra trunk support. He is very close to sitting up on his own when he is wearing his new vest. We are also waiting for his new stander and bath seat to be delivered. I'm very excited about those. Since Witt is doing so well we don't have as many day to day things to update the blog with. We will always try to put pics and keep everyone updated on the good and fun things Witt is doing.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Jim and I just landed back in Houston. We headed straight to Mel's and Austan's and more importantly Witt's!!! He is doing quite well. His blood gas test done in the ER showed all his levels are good. We will never know how long Witt's tube was disconnected but whats most important is that he is doing good and there appears to be no long term effects. I can't imagine what last night must have been like for Melanie and wake up to Witt's alarms going off, a tube disconnected from the ventilator and Witt pale and very limp. Austan said that by the time the paramedics got there Witt had finally moved a couple of fingers but that was it. Austan also told me that he had to drive his car while Mel went with Witt in the ambulance and that he wasn't sure what he would face when he got to the hospital. What Austan didn't know was that during the ambulance ride, Witt took the pacifier out of his mouth and smiled at the paramedic! Witt has bounced back quickly and my prayer is that Melanie and Austan are able to do so also. They were blaming themselves for not hearing the alarms sooner. Tonight Jim and I are spending the night with them. Hopefully they will get some much needed sleep!


We have talked to Melanie and Witt is undergoing some tests. As they are waiting, Witt has been playing with his grandfather Mark's face so he seems to be feeling okay. Karen and I are in Colorado so you can imagine have difficult this is on all involved. Thank you for your continued prayers.



Witt is on his way to ER via ambulance right now. His ventilator tubing came disconnected for a period of time tonight. As we know more about his condition, we will update you as quickly as possible. Please pray for the doctors and nurses to be the perfect ones for Witt, Mel and Austan tonight. Thank you for lifting our entire family up during this difficult time.