Monday, September 27, 2010


I am sitting here in Warrenton at the Zapp Hall Antique show watching Witt!! He's been here a couple of days. Mel and Austan actually took him to Houston earlier today to the pediatrician. They just wanted the doctor to examine Witt again since he is still pretty junky. This is the first respiratory type illness Witt has had since he's been on the vent and so far he is handling it pretty well! The doctor said that Witt has a good bit of congestion but the xray showed no pneumonia or wetness in his lungs!!!
This next part absolutely brings tear of joy to me...the doctor that saw Witt today was on the NICU team when Witt was born. She said that Witt has grown so much and that honestly they didn't expect Witt to live. That's why we leave all our expectations at God's throne. Somehow God trades our expectations for His peace and He alone has the final say on all things!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The doctors trip wore Witt out!
It was a good visit to the pediatrician's office. Dr. Tapia is on vacation so Witt was seen by someone else. Fortunately she had seen Witt in the hospital. She said Witt actually looks and sounds pretty good. He hadn't had a fever since this morning and Melanie has not had to turn up his oxygen. Witt's runny nose and cough could be allergy related or viral. He was given a breathing treatment and is on steroids for 5 days. They also did a quick strep test which was negative. The visit ended with Witt getting his flu shot! Melanie did ask about taking Witt out of town to the antique show. The doctor said that it should be no problem for him to go assuming he is getting better. Melanie won't make any decisions till tomorrow and may still wait a day or two just to make sure Witt is not getting worse. She is also keeping a close eye on his breathing. He seems to be breathing a little differently. If anyone would notice a slight change Melanie would. Honestly, we are grateful that this doctor's visit did not end up with Witt having to be admitted...we got kind of use to that happening! Please pray that he is getting better and that his breathing returns to normal!!
Today I was reminded how often our circumstances can disappoint us but that my God can never disappoint. My hope and my joy must be found in Him and not in the plans I make. Having said that, I am still praying that Mel, Austan and Witt can join the rest of the family at the antique show and I am trusting God no matter what His answer is!!!

Witt didn't act like he felt bad!


Please pray for Witt! Yesterday he woke up with a runny nose and a cough. Melanie talked to the nurse at the pediatrician's office and made an appointment for today at one. The nurse said it sounded like allergies but wanted Witt looked at. In the middle of the night Witt started running a low grade fever. Fortunately we have not had to take Witt to the ER. Please, please pray for Witt that this doesn't get any worse and hurt his lungs!! A respiratory illness could be very dangerous for Witt. Please pray for the rest of us too!!! Of course Witt's health is by far the main concern but tomorrow Mel, Austan and Witt were suppose to come join us at Warrenton for the antique show. I am heading back to Houston right now to drive them to the doctor. Melanie has not been able to be a part of the Zapp Hall event for a couple of years and is really looking forward to this. Our main concern is always Witt's health and especially where anything respiratory could be involved!! Right now I am asking God to let no other emotion fill me but adoration for Him. I am asking that His praises are what fill my heart. I know that sounds very noble but that's best for me. What a God....what is best for Him is most assuredly best for me too!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Lots of Smiles!!

Well, at least Mel is smiling...
I think Witt has had enough!!
Although we did take Witt to the hospital he did not get to have the swallow study. In order to perform the test Witt's cuff in the trach has to be deflated. This really upsets him. He gags quite a bit and cries...and Witt never cries!! Melanie got him all ready but he was too upset to even try to swallow anything. The occupational therapist recommended that Mel deflate the cuff at home for very short periods of time to help Witt to tolerate it! Next up is an appointment Monday afternoon with the gastro doctor. Hopefully he will have some insight and suggestions to help with Witt's slow motility!

With Witt it's always a good morning!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Witt has a swallow study tomorrow at 10:30. He is having it done to check his swallow function with his trach. Please pray he will want to eat, that there will be no gaging, and he will swallow with no aspirations. My mom and I will get to watch the test and we will know right away if they think he is doing well enough to start trying to eat more. Thanks for always praying!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Witt turned 22 months. He will be 2 before I know it.
- He's weighing in at 27 lbs and is 30 inches long
- wears 18 or 24 months clothes
- Our tooth count is 10 with 2 more on the way
- He no longer is sleeping in his pack and play, he was way to big for it. He sleeps in a toddler bed in our room for now.
- He has been having psychical therapy once a week and just was evaluated by an occupational therapist. She will be coming to the house twice a week.
- He is getting much stronger and although he can't sit up on his own yet he loves to be in the sitting position. He DOES NOT like to lay back when you are holding him.
- He sleeps about 12 hours almost every night and takes 1 to 2 naps a day.
- He loves to taste different foods but we still don't feed him much by mouth. Hopefully after working with the OT he will be able to try more food.
- He loves to play with blankets and is now very aware he has clothes on. He pulls on his pants and shirts most of the day.
- He has lots of doctor appointments coming up
* Lung Doctor
* Swallow Study
* Gastro Doctor
* Heart Checkup
* Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Doctor
* Special Needs Doctor checkup
He is the happiest little guy, always smiling. He never ever cries. We are grateful for any progress he makes. I think over this last month I have noticed he really knows me over other people and I have fallen more in love with him then I thought possible. You just cant help but to smile when you are with him! We will keep you updated on all of his doctor visits. Some are in September and some October.