Friday, July 30, 2010


Witt had a busy day yesterday. First an appointment with the pediatrician(Dr. Tapia) at
Texas Children's then lunch at Santo's. He was very patient waiting for
me and Mel to load the car and his equipment!

It's a good thing Witt had his shades because
it was very bright outside!!

It was a great appointment with Dr. Tapia. Witt basically weighed the same as he did two weeks ago before he got really sick and had to be admitted to the hospital. Dr. Tapia is scheduling another swallow test to see if Witt can eat some food by mouth. He has started to really show interest when Mel and Austan are eating. Dr. Tapia is also scheduling some sort of oxygen requirement test. This will accurately measure much oxygen Witt requires. Witt also was given 3 shots!!! This did bring him completely up to date on his vaccinations! Doctor's appointment and then lunch. Witt was tired...very very tired!

Waiting to see the doctor!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Witt is home! This was a very short stay in comparison to the last 2 that were 4 months each. We are incredibly blessed and grateful that the Adenovirus did not affect his heart or lungs. Witt has a follow-up appointment this Thursday with Dr. Tapia(pediatrician) and will reschedule the appointment he missed with Dr. Macicek. Right now Witt is resting well at home. Maybe a little to well in the early evening. His nights and days are a tiny bit mixed up!! Thank you, for all the prayers, please join us in our praises!!!
Final days in the hospital!

On the way home!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Witt turned 21 months old Friday and there is talk of Witt going home tomorrow!!! Friday he started feeling much better. Friday night was the first night that he slept all the way through(11 hours!) like he does most nights at home and Melanie didn't have to change diapers and bedding. By Friday night Witt's feeds were to his normal fluid amount and his normal schedule of 4 feeds a day. Through most of the hospital stay he had been on 2 times his normal fluid amount and no diuretics to fight the dehydration! Yesterday the doctors started Witt back on his home regimen of diuretics and his feeds were changed to 3/4 formula and 1/4 water. All of his lab work looked really good. Today he will be fed is normal formula mixture. All the final steps have been taken so that Witt can hopefully go home tomorrow!!

I love seeing Witt interact with Melanie!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Witt is definitely doing better. Melanie is changing a little fewer diapers with less volume! We still do not have results from the IgG test. Witt looks like he is getting back to his normal fluid level. His little eyes sink in when he is dehydrated but now his face is filled out nicely. He is still getting more than his maintenance amount of formula and water all(formula and water) through his gtube. He is waking up happier and smiling more...of course he always smiles at Mel and Austan!

There has not been any talk of going home yet. Witt needs to back on his home regiment of feeds and medicine. Right now they are slowly reducing his overall liquid intake but still making sure he is hydrated. Witt has now been in the hospital 8 days and it has passed quickly. We certainly desire God's timing in all this...I'm simply asking for His timing to go home to be soon!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Witt and Elmo had a long night!
Witt continues to have frequent, very loose stools. Right now he is being fed formula and pedialyte through his gtube...the formula for some calories and the pedialyte for more fluid. The total amount is one and a half maintenance but that is constantly changing as blood test results come in. Witt is also receiving fluid by IV. The doctors are doing a wonderful job of keeping Witt hydrated and yet not overloaded. Yesterday the attending also ordered an IgG test. The best I understand is that this has to do with Witt's immunoglobulin(Ig) or antibodies present in his blood. Witt is on day 9 of this adenovirus with no real improvement. One thing that might be happening is that he just isn't producing enough Ig to fight this off. If this level is low he can actually be given Ig by IV( a vowel!). Melanie and all the doctors are keeping a very close eye on how Witt looks and his oxygen saturation levels. They want to be sure he doesn't begin to look puffy and require more oxygen which would be a good indication that he has too much fluids.

Witt still loves a good ride!

"The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."
Proverbs 16:9

Recently Jim and I have changed some plans because of Witt's hospital stay. It might have been easy to get upset over these changes but we have a great example in Austan and Melanie. We have watched as their plans have been turned upside-down and yet they are called to still make plans on a daily basis and even plans for the future all the while knowing they may or may not come to pass. We have watched Melanie and Austan live out the plans that God has for them. We have watched them walk in very detailed steps that are far different than they planned in their minds and yet there is joy! When our plans are changed there can be great disappointment or peace and joy. We can choose to hang on to our plans and most assuredly find disappointment or let go, trust the Lord and most assuredly find Him, His peace, His joy!

Please pray that Witt will begin to get over this virus. Please pray for God's wisdom in treating him and keeping the right balance of fluids. And please pray that Mel, Austan and all of us continue to simply seek the Lord and His direction and that in His steps we find Him!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Witt has tested positive for the adenovirus. This type of virus affects the respiratory, eyes, intestines and urinary tracts and its consistent to what Witt's symptoms have been over the last 8 days. During the last hospital stay Witt tested positive for this same virus. Typically, this virus runs its course from 10-14 days. Please pray as Melanie and Karen have to wake up through the night and early morning to change diapers and bedding for Witt. This type of virus can cause severe dehydration in infants as he is now experiencing. In addition, his oxygen saturation level has fallen by a couple of percentages as well. Pray as we depend on God's healing hands to guide the doctors, nurses and Melanie throughout the next few days.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday, Witt was given half formula and half pedialyte again. Unfortunately, he's just not able to tolerate it yet. He had several really loose dirty diapers through the night. His lab work at 5am showed his sodium was slightly up...headed back in the wrong direction. At rounds the attending decided to try 1/4 formula and 3/4 pedialyte and increase the overall amount of pedialyte. The thought is that nothing is really going on except that Witt's system just isn't ready for much formula. So far all the tests to try to determine what caused this have come back negative. There is a very good chance we will never know what caused it. Witt will just get well and go home!!!!

I thought Witt woke up with his...

"Conan" hairstyle but after seeing this picture of Donald it might be the "Trump" style!!!

Since Witt's mouth gets very dry, Mel gives him drops of
water with a syringe. He's a very cute baby birdie!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Witt is on pedialyte only and doing much better! His fingers have been pricked numerous times but it doesn't even phase him anymore. This afternoon he slept right through it. We are not sure when the formula will be tried again but its apparent that it needs to be done very slowly! Please, Lord, gives us patience!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Yesterday Witt seemed to be doing much better. There was even talk of going home by Sunday but that's changed for now. He wasn't able to tolerate any of his formula and has had to go back to straight pedialyte. Mel even asked for the pedialyte to be increased slightly because Witt appeared to be getting dehydrated. We are not sure exactly what is going on. It might be that Witt just needs more time and the the formula added in more slowly than half and half. The doctor has ordered a test to check the bacteria in Witt's stomach. They honestly don't expect that to show anything but need to rule somethings out. Melanie has changed his clothes and bed several times this morning. At least we don't have to wash the bedding!!
Yesterday it was obvious that Witt felt better!

All finished with his bath!!
Although the reason Witt is in the hospital does not appear to be serious it's always hard. It's harder for Melanie to take care of Witt here and everyone is definitely a little sleep deprived. Please pray that Melanie and Austan are able to get some rest. Please pray that Witt gets back on the path of healing and headed home!!! Please pray that through all this we seek and accept God's perfect timing to His glory!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Witt is feeling much better! His latest blood test showed everything is going in the right direction. His sugar level is low so he is getting dextrose. AND so far Witt is not holding extra fluid!! The attending who has seen Witt before(I think they all have!) said that Witt looks really good. Today's plan is to start feeding him a mixture of formula and pedialyte. Later today he will be given some of his normal medications with the goal of getting him back on his home meds. We have been catching up with old friends from the hospital...they have been stopping by to see Mel and Witt. We even ran into Chase and his mom, Carol! Chase is the young man who had the lung transplant and we have had the blessing of getting to know his family. The doctors are hoping this is a very short stay. Its funny to watch them say that with a little cringing. The last 2 hospital stays(for very different reasons) were each 4 months. We know that God is in control and has numbered all our days...even these days in the hospital!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Witt had to be admitted to Texas Children's today. Hopefully this will be a short stay! The blood test showed that he is very acidotic. This isn't necessarily surprising since Witt has had diarrhea for several days. Mel had made changes at home with his feeds and diuretics trying to keep him plenty hydrated. It's really hard to know how much extra fluid to give Witt and what diuretic to hold. The pediatrician said its a little strange that some other levels are not out of whack too. They will run some more tests but he said most likely Witt will get better without us ever knowing what's caused it all. It's such a blessing to have the pediatrician at Texas Children's. He walked over to the hospital to make sure the doctors in the PCU understand that Witt cannot be hydrated too quickly or he will be overloaded with fluid which affects his heart and lungs. We were able to wait in the room at the pediatrician until a hospital room was ready. Witt used the time wisely to nap!

The Kangaroo Crew came to the pediatrician's office and got an IV in on the first try!!!
The wait was not very long before Witt's room was ready and Witt was all settled in.

The plan right now is to give Witt half his fluids by the gtube and half through the IV. Hopefully this will hydrate him but not overload him! Please pray that this is a short stay! Also, pray that God is able to use this time in the hospital to His glory...He is so Faithful!!!


We have been praying prayers of thanksgiving for three months at home and healthy days there!

We thank you for joining us in prayer on those days and on days like today as well.

Witt has had diarrhea for a few days. It hasn't been horrible, but because sweet Witt's fluids are such a delicate balance he is being taken to Texas Children's for blood tests to check his electrolyte levels. The pediatrician there will check him after the tests as well.

Again, thank you for your constant love and prayers for wonderful Witt!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Today I am actually writing about Witt's mom and not so much Witt. Today is Melanie's 25th birthday!!!! I would like to share some stories with you about Melanie. They are stories that I love to remember because they are wonderful reminders of God's plan for Melanie's life even before she was born! I could not fully relate to what Melanie must of been feeling after the 5 month ultrasound with Witt but I know God could give her peace, a peace even without assurances. 25 years and close to 9 months ago I was out jogging in our little neighborhood. This is a neighborhood where kids ride their bikes and frequently play in the sidewalks. It was a beautiful day. As I jogged down one street I could hear that a car was coming very close. I reached back with my hand just as the car hit me and threw me in the air. I landed on my back and head and then skidded on the road. The young driver was looking for an address and never saw me. My head was split open and my back had 3rd degree burns form sliding on the pavement. But there are so many things that miraculously didn't happen...I didn't actually get run over by the car but was thrown up in the air, I didn't have any broken bones, I didn't have a concussion, I didn't loose consciousness!!! What I did find out a couple of weeks later and totally unbeknown to me was that I was actually pregnant with Melanie at the time. Not only had I been hit by a car, but in the hospital I was x-rayed from head to toe looking for injuries. My first thought was if the baby survived the accident I must have fried it with the x-rays!!! God gave me such a peace and yet it wasn't necessarily assurances that Mel was okay but that God was in control! That was Melanie's incredible God ordained beginning. My life has never been the same. Melanie has always had a very very tender soft heart that's protected by a very thin but tough shell. She has always been drawn to the "underdogs". When Mel was in preK at First Baptist she would always tell me about her friend she loved to play with. She would tell me all they did each week but she never brought up one detail that I didn't discover for quite sometime. Her little girl friend was actually in a wheel chair. That detail was not important to Melanie. She actually loved that the little girl had her own desk that went with them everywhere!! That is an incredible mindset that God gave Melanie that has served Witt well! Around that same age I also got many glimpses of Mel's straightforward, speak the truth mindset. This is one of my favorite stories that I do tell often but it is who Mel is even today. We were at my parents and the kids were acting up some so I sent them back to the bedroom. I walked back there and said, "When you kids act like this I don't even want to see you" to which Mel quickly answered, "Then why did you come back here?" Honestly, it was not said with disrespect it was an honest question and she wasn't afraid to ask it! I of course said, "I don't know and I'm leaving!!!" I'll bet some doctors at Texas Children's can relate to this.?!! Melanie was in elementary school when she left me this note. I certainly loved the fact that she missed me but what really touched me was what she wrote at the end. God's hand has always always been evident in and through her!!!

That little girl grew into the only person(by God's plan) capable of being Witt's mom. Oh, Melanie, the wonderful woman you have grown into...the undeniable gift from God you are to me and now to Witt. God "protected" His plans for you and equipped you to walk in them...don't ever doubt that! Your first 25 years have blessed me beyond measure. Happy Birthday...I love you!~mom

Saturday, July 10, 2010


One year ago today I placed Witt in the arms of a nurse and they took him back for his first open heart surgery. I remember not being able to fall asleep the night before, I was so worried. I had so many thoughts racing through my mind and I thought my world was over. God gave me a peace the next morning that only God can do. Witt did great through surgery and his recovery was slow with a few set backs along the way but he did better then everyone thought he would. I cant believe how far he has come and how our lives have changed since that first heart surgery. He is truly a miracle. Each time I change his clothes or bath him and I see his scars and i'm reminded what a gift his life is. Today has been much different then last year at this time. We slept in, took naps, cleaned house, and all the normal things a family does. Today I celebrate Witt's life one year later on a day we thought we may not have him anymore. Praise God!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Thank You, Lord, for freedom! Thank You for freedom in our country and in our
own lives! AND thank You for setting us free in so many
ways by giving us Witt!!!!

Austan, Melanie and Witt spent July 4th with us at Warrenton! It had been quite some time since they have been anywhere except the nursing home trip. I know it is hard to take Witt and all his medical supplies out for doctors appointments much less for overnight stays and I am very very grateful to Austan and Melanie for doing this. Not only does all the family miss seeing Witt but we also miss Austan and Melanie. When Witt was born my relationship to Mel was forever changed. Honestly, God has used Witt to bind Mel and me in so many wonderful ways. However, a few of the things I have always been blessed to share with Mel have not been possible so when Austan, Melanie and Witt came to Warrenton for the weekend it was wonderful!! Thank you Mel and Austan for doing what it takes(and it takes a lot!) to spend a couple of days away from your home. Mel, Austan and Witt...God uses you as medicine for my soul!!!