Saturday, October 31, 2009


Witt may be the cutest lion ever! He didn't get to leave the house in his costume but he was still all smiles!

Witt definitely has the best growl!


Witt is feeling just fine from his 2 flu shots. I don't think he had any reaction to them at all. It is absolutely beautiful here which is fantastic because Witt is finishing up his birthday pictures. This morning as I was praying I realized I haven't done a great job recently of writing prayer requests for Witt. I fell into the trap of thinking that some just don't seem as important. After all Witt is not in the hospital! God clearly told me that's not the case. He is in control of every detail of our lives and not seeking Him for it certainly doesn't give Him the glory. Today, I ask for prayer for Witt to begin sitting up on his own. As I prayed for this, God reminded me that He is just as much in control of me sitting up...that every morning when I sit up in bed I should be thanking Him for that! You would think that with all God has allowed me to see with Witt that I wouldn't forget how His hand is in everything. How He is in control of absolutely everything but much like the Israelites I forgot! Please, will you join me in praying for the "little" things for Witt too and not just his heart? Would you pray that Witt will continue to do the little things that I take for granted like sitting up? And please pray that in each seemingly little thing that Witt does that God receives the credit that is His...Glory!!!

Today I shout the name of Christ and praise God because
Witt sleeps without the need of oxygen!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


If Witt would have realized where he was going I doubt he would have been laughing!

He was on his way to the pediatrician's office for the regular flu and swine flu shot! He's doing just fine today!

I wanted to take the time to mention the raffle that is going on in conjunction with the golf tournament fundraiser all being done by the Wee Dream Foundation. What an incredible job these people are doing! Here are the items in the raffle:

~1 year residential power from Spark Energy (up to $3,500)

~Lodging for 5 days/4 nights at a beachfront condo in South Padre

~Autographed George Strait Hat & T-shirt

~$200 gift card from Cova Wines

~$250 gift card from Urban Retreat

~Lodging in Cabo Condo (June 5-12, 2010)

~San Antonio Family Weekend Getaway

~Lodging for 3 days/2 nights in Matagorda

~Lodging for 4 days/3 nights in Alto, NM

If you are interested at all in buying raffle tickets for a chance at these prizes email Angie at!!!

Here also is an excerpt for the Wee Dream website about the bracelets:

We have bracelets!
These sweet bracelets (eco-friendly, recycled silicone even!) are light blue on the outside and pink on the inside (for our babies!) and say "for witt and elle". Send $5.00 cash or check (and your mailing address) to Angie will get you yours today (or tomorrow via snail mail)! ALL PROCEEDS will go toward our friends, the Luphers.Angie Goings; 14522 Dunsmore Place; Cypress, TX 77429You can also pay via PayPal (send funds to - be sure to note that it's for a bracelet (or two, three, four...) and include the mailing address. It'll be in the mail and to you in no time! :)

I am amazed and more than grateful for all the effort put forward to help both Lupher families with the medical bills. I am praising God and thanking Him for His provision!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Wow....Witt is 1 year old and not in the hospital!! He is growing and continues to gain weight. The hard part is keeping him from catching any respiratory infection especially any of the flu. Melanie and Austan are doing their part but we know that ultimately it is in God's hands just as everything else has been. Please pray for continued protection from any illness as Witt remains secluded. We have been told that the flu would be devastating to Witt. Tomorrow, Witt has to go to the pediatrician for his second flu shot. Dr. Lange and his office are so nice to allow him to be brought in at the end of their lunch break so he won't come into contact with any sick kids. Please continue to pray for Witt's heart also. It's hard to imagine as you watch him that anything at all is wrong with his heart but we know that his mitral valve is not great. Witt's is still able to remain off oxygen for the most part but his saturation fluctuates a bit. 2 nights ago Melanie had to put him oxygen for just a short time. He seems to have a little sinus drainage and the cardiologist has told Melanie that even a healthy persons osat would drop a couple of points with that. I am praying that it will go back up a couple of numbers and stay there!!!

Witt isn't sitting up on his own yet but he still likes the high chair!

Hopefully, the only infectious thing around

the house is Witt's laugh!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


The Wee Dream foundation made these awesome bracelets for Witt and Elle. If you would like to buy one click on the wee dream link for all the details.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday

Dear Witt,
One year ago today a nurse walked into the room to describe to us what you looked like so we would be prepared. I remember not caring what you looked like at all I just wanted to see you. They wheeled you into the room surrounded by all your family and I got to touch your hand for the first time and our lives have never been the same since. The number of times that I have been told you might not make it home with us are never far from my mind but today all I'm thinking about is the number of times God proved them wrong. Praise Him! My God is Mighty to Save!! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has covered Witt and our family with your love and prayers over this last year. Today I ask if you would join me in lifting up the families we met along the way who aren't going to be celebrating anymore birthdays. Being Witt's parents means walking in faith and I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you all continue to walk with us. Here's to one blessed year!

Melanie and Austan


In so many ways it seems like forever ago that you came into our lives. I can scarcely remember days before your smile. It is hard to remember life before your sunshine brightened our world. It is difficult to recall our family without your precious name on the family tree. I am SO thankful for each of the past 365 days we have spent loving you. God has blessed our family abundantly, and at the top of that list of blessings is you, WITT HARRIS LUPHER! Happy Birthday little buddy.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here's a sneak peek of Witt's photo shoot! Ashley did a fantastic job and even offered to come back next week for more shots of Witt. Thank you so much to Ashley who donated the photo shoot. Brittney is still collecting donations to buy the prints (cupcake button). Please know that your prayers are enough!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today Witt went with Melanie and me to Texas Children's to pick up his
prescription. Witt and I waited in the exposing Witt to anything!
It's kind of nice getting him out even if it is just for a car ride. Amazingly,
these days are easy and kind of boring. I mean that in the best way! I
never would have thought that there would be "ho hum" days
with Witt....glorious "ho hum" days!!! Today, I thank the
Lord for these easy days and yet I pray He is just as
glorified in these days as He is in the hard ones...I
pray I seek Him just as much. Witt's need, my
need for Him doesn't change!!!!!!
Maybe Witt got bored too...he decided to try his thumb for a change!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Witt has now been home for a little over 2 weeks! It actually seems a lot longer than that. He is doing well on his feeds. Before each feed, Melanie has to draw back through his feeding tube from his stomach and see how much residual is left from the feed before(and put it back in!). That amount is getting smaller and smaller. The first change that Melanie would like to make is to shorten the time over which Witt is fed. Currently he is fed over a 2 1/2 hour period 4 times a day. She would like to shorten that time a bit. Witt continues on lock down...he can't really have any visitors because of the threat of any flu or respiratory virus. Melanie is able to get out some but most her days are spent at home with Witt. She did take him to physical therapy on Friday. It was a fun outing and great to have Witt back in therapy. Thank you once again for your prayers. I know I have said this before but your prayers do make a difference. I feel and see the impact in so many my life, in Melanie's and Austan's and most definitely in Witt's! Thank you that you take the time for us!
He's getting more picky on when he'll take the pacifier!

Just hanging out in his highchair while Melanie cooks!

Witt loves his swings...outside or indoors!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Witt continues to do well! Melanie is in the process of starting his physical and occupational therapy again. They are trying to work out a scenario where Witt doesn't have to go the the hospital once a week(and be exposed to everything there) but keep his two wonderful therapists, Stephanie and Jennifer. Please pray that the insurance issues get worked out for that to happen.

Witt is almost a year...unbelievable! Sometimes I go back and read from the first couple of weeks of Witt's life. I am in awe of our God! I am in awe because no matter what was happening He was there. He was undoubtedly there in the celebrations but most definitely there through the excruciating pain. Maybe that's one of the most valuable truths I have learned...He is with us....Emmanuel... but He is Emmanuel for all times! He is with us in the mountain tops but more importantly He is there in the valleys...the valleys of pain and suffering. Its why I can live today and look to tomorrow and be told not to worry. He is with me, He is with Melanie, He is with Austan, He is with Witt for all our todays and whatever our tomorrows hold!

A good morning talk from Witt!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hallelujah and glory!!! Witt got a good report from Dr. Macicek (and Dr. Jeffries) today! They are very happy with where he is. Dr. Macicek showed us Witt's lung x-ray from today compared to his last one and its much clearer. He said it looks great for Witt! Basically, all of us were all smiles except for Witt who slept during the exam part!
Witt did not have an echo today and actually the doctors will not order one for the next appointment either unless something changes. His next appointment is not until December 7th! Melanie was very concerned about taking Witt into the hospital with the flu so prevalent but she made sure no germs could get to him(thanks to the rain guard)!!!

The next step for Witt will be to finish his shots and vaccinations including the RSV and swine flu vaccines when they become available for him. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I will never be able to describe the difference that they have made!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Witt's oxygen saturation has dropped some. It's staying around 92-96. In Melanie's words he sounds a little junky but not in his chest. It sounds more like nose and throat. So far Witt hasn't had to go back on oxygen. Tomorrow he has his first cardiac appointment since he left the hospital...perfect timing! Please pray that Witt can stay healthy and that he won't be exposed to anything when Melanie takes him to Texas Children's tomorrow!!! For now we are really enjoying Witt being home. He's working a lot on rolling over now that he's not confined to a hospital bed!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Witt is doing great...still off oxygen! Mel and Witt have settled into a good routine. Melanie has Witt's dry eraser board all filled out with his medication schedule which is a much easier schedule than it was when he was home for the 6 days between hospital stays. Witt is still eating every 6 hours around the clock which means a midnight and 6am feeding. Pray that Melanie and Austan can get enough sleep. The positive of a feeding tube is that Witt can sleep right through those feeds! Yesterday Witt, Mel and Austan had pictures taken by Ashley Allen(who generously donated her time) for his first birthday. Witt is almost ONE! Some people may not understand this but because of Witt's life I can proclaim the goodness of God. It's because of Witt's life and not in spite of it that I can shout that God is Faithful!!!
Forever God is faithful
Forever God is strong
Forever God is with us

Good Morning!

Nap Time!


Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am brought to my knees by the prayers and thoughtfulness of all of you! As Annalee said, your prayers are invaluable and now the other blessings that God is pouring out through the photo shoot(cupcake button) and the golf tournament fundraiser(elephant button) just floor me. Along with the golf tournament I believe there are plans for a silent auction! I will post more information as I get it. Please, please know that just as we have trusted God for Witt's life we also trust Him for the financial needs. Your greatest gift will always be your prayers!
Witt is still off oxygen and showing no signs of needing it. Please pray that God will be a Shield about him as more and more people come down with the flu!! Witt has a doctors appointment soon at Texas Children's. They are not allowing any child under 12 to visit the hospital because of the swine flu. Even though Melanie and Austan don't take Witt out, I am sure we are all exposed to it in some way. I wished I had bought some stock in Purell!!! Now that Witt is off oxygen it is easier to play with him. Yesterday Mel was rolling him up and down the hallway in his stroller. I tried to capture the laughter(of both!) but was too slow. Melanie did however video Austan and Witt playing!

Thank you to each of you...I pray today that God be glorified as He pours out His blessings in your lives!!!!~Karen

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A very thoughtful blogger, Brittney, came up with such a special way for blog readers to be a part of celebrating Witt's upcoming 1st birthday (that is just 16 days away)! And thanks to the generosity and talent of Ashley Allen, this gift is already underway.

As always, we are blown away by all the generosity and love that you continually pour out on Witt and our family. Your prayers are the best gift we could ever receive, so we truly hope you don't feel any pressure to participate in this extra gift. However, if you do want to be a part of this wonderful blessing you can click on the picture below for more information!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Wow....Witt is still of oxygen and shows no signs of needing it!!!! Mel got to carry Witt back to my bedroom for the first time! While on oxygen he could only go about 30 feet from his oxygen tank. His feeds are now 4 times a day(6am, noon, 6pm and midnight) and last for 2 1/2 hours. His days and nights are still a little turned around but its great to have him home. I tried to think of something incredibly "Christian" to say to sum up what I am feeling right now but its this simple phrase that God keeps bringing to my mind: "but Christ"!!! That is what our lives(Witt's life) are about...but Christ! Last week at the antique show God clearly told me that the last 3 days were going to be a huge success(lots of people) for the cafe. Now, Thursday wasn't that surprising to me because it was Prom Night. Friday, neither because the Harbor Light choir(Salvation Army) sings for us and the weather was great. But Saturday definitely needed a "but Christ"!! There is absolutely no explanation for the amounts of people because it poured rain all day. Never before have we served that much food when it fact we usually just close but the people kept coming. No explanation but God! I look at Witt and marvel. Witt's life continues to be one "but Christ" after another. Dr. Morales didn't think Witt would ever be able to go home without more surgery...but Christ! There had even been talk when Witt was in the PICU that he might have to go on a permanent ventilator...but Christ! Witt has been on oxygen since December...but Christ! God gets the final say in Witt's life and in our lives. I don't know what God's final says will be...many, many are filled with pain, but I know God and knowing that He does get the final say leaves me filled with peace. Thank you, Lord that there is always a "but Christ" no matter our circumstances!
Here are some pictures and video from last week!

So Handsome!

Sunday, October 4, 2009



Witt has been without his oxygen since yesterday! His saturation is staying in the upper 90's!!One of Witt's cardiologists said Witt looked better than he has in a long time. He's needed oxygen since last December! Thank You, Lord....I am in awe!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Witt is reflecting on his hospital stay!!!

After 4 months with just a 6 day break Witt is going home!
I think there are shouts of joy around the world!!!