Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today Witt went with Melanie and me to Texas Children's to pick up his
prescription. Witt and I waited in the car...no exposing Witt to anything!
It's kind of nice getting him out even if it is just for a car ride. Amazingly,
these days are easy and kind of boring. I mean that in the best way! I
never would have thought that there would be "ho hum" days
with Witt....glorious "ho hum" days!!! Today, I thank the
Lord for these easy days and yet I pray He is just as
glorified in these days as He is in the hard ones...I
pray I seek Him just as much. Witt's need, my
need for Him doesn't change!!!!!!
Maybe Witt got bored too...he decided to try his thumb for a change!

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