Friday, October 31, 2008


We wanted to let you all know what we are aware of so far today. Austan and Mel were told today that Witt has an extra partial chromosome on the #1 chromosome (not on #18 as orginially thought). They haven't been able to meet with the genetic specialist yet so there are many unknowns concerning this finding. The great thing with this finding is because there are so few cases, and so few case studies, Witt will be treated as a "normal" baby with a "normal" life span. This means if a surgery is necessary for the kidney the doctors would make the decision for him the same as they would for a baby with no chromosome syndrome. Mel and Austan had been told that if Witt had Trisomy 18 most likely no surgieries would be done because the expected life span is so short. We will know more after they meet with the specialists...possibly not until Monday. We are thanking God for the fact that with this diagnosis Witt will not be labeled. Please continue to pray for him to be able to digest the breast milk!! Thank you for you continued prayers, notes and calls.


Isn't it crazy how we make plans wishing weeks away.... "I can't wait for this week to be over" or "Next year is gonna be better." It is an amazing and Godly day when we can can take the time to celebrate one week of life. Ever since Witt joined our family I have found myself singing, humming and thinking

He can move the mountains
My God is Mighty to save
He is Mighty to save
Author of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

So take me as You find me
All my fears and failures
Fill my life again
I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now I surrender

Shine your light and let the whole world see
We're singing for the glory of the risen King... Jesus!

-Leslie G.


I will probably never be able to start without always saying I don't know the words but I know God! I am back on my knees but that's because I am humbled by the very presence of God and by all the prayers being offered on Witt's behalf. I definitely raise my hands to worship and thank Him for everything He has done!
What I never want to happen, what I want to guard against happening, is for any of us to somehow get confused and begin trusting in what God does and not in Who He is. I am on my knees before Him, thanking Him for His healing but my trust must remain in God and God alone. What He has done in Witt's life would be marred if we begin to trust in God's work…in His miracles and not in Who He is. If we put any faith or hope in God's actions then we may lose hope when we don't understand what God is up to. Our faith is in God, our hope is in Christ, and that's a hope that never disappoints us.
Join me in asking God to do His mighty work once again in Witt's DNA, please take away the extra chromosomes. Join me in shouting from the mountaintops telling the world what God has already done in Witt's life but also join me in keeping the faith in the only thing that is Worthy... in GOD!


Good morning to all of you!
This morning we pray specifically...
*that Witt will digest his milk. I believe he did fine through the night but the milk he was given at 6am was basically still there at 9am. The nurse is going to check with the doctors when they make rounds. I don't think its too alarming, we just need him to continue to "eat!" Aren't we glad that absolutely nothing is alarming and certainly never disarming to God!
*for another sweet baby in the nursery (we don't know its name) but no visitors are allowed in for the next few hours while they do surgery on this baby. (UPDATED- the doctor tell the mom that the little baby's emergency surgery went well! The mom will be able to see the baby in 20 minutes. It was emergency surgery of some kind. It is amazing that they can do surgery right there in NICU when there is not time to move the baby to the surgical area. God's wisdom is incredible!)
*for baby Autumn and family. She is 7 days and is fighting for her life. Her parents are Jessica and Jason and they are very young parents walking on an unbelievable hard path.
*rest for Mel and Austan and all the family.
*and a prayer of thanksgiving that baby Andrew is doing very well. His grandfather, Paul, shared that he has turned the corner to recovery!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Happy birthday to our favorite 1 week old! We have so much to celebrate so tonight that's just what we did, we celebrated Witt.

In the past 7 days...

We have learned how far our hearts can be stretched.
We have learned more about the power of prayer.

We have learned more about God's faithfulness in each situation.
We have learned to trust Him more than ever before.

We have learned the necessity of being "real" with one another.
We have learned to love one another at all times.

Our family has been fastened together in extraordinary ways.
God has blessed us with the opportunity to know this precious child of His.

We celebrate His greatness and the greatness of Witt's life!



When they checked Witt's stomach at 3:00, he had digested the breast milk so the stomach is doing its thing! They gave him more of the mother lode!!!! Now, on to the chromosome issue...I am asking God to make the chromosomes look right...right numbers everything...go glorified!!!


Witt is being fed breast milk as I type! Please pray that he is able to digest it!!! The doctors are beginning to mention things we couldn't have even fathomed a few days ago...things like he might be able to bottle feed next week...and, they are even beginning to mention "going home!!!" Witt has several MAJOR hurdles to jump before "home" is a reality but even the sheer mention of it makes my heart SOAR!!! I am blown away by the ways that God is "showing off" through our precious little man! A friend emailed me today and pointed out that God is still in the "business of miracles!"

***Karen would like everyone to pray very specifically that God intercedes and rearranges Witt's far, the doctors are baffled because they can't confirm Trisomy 18!!!
You go, God!!!

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your precious words of encouragement...the kind words from those we know and love and the sweet messages from perfect strangers has helped to open our eyes to the beauty of this most difficult walk we are on!!! I have never seen God's Hand more clearly...His tender, loving touch sustains us!

God's Grace IS Sufficient!!! Praise Him!


God continues to show Himself in mighty and wonderful appeared to the technician doing the test that Witt does NOT have any blockage in his sweet little tummy...we are anxiously awaiting confirmation from the doctors but in the mean time, we are shouting HALLELUJAH!!!
Please join us in prayers of praise and thanksgiving!!!


As Witt awaits the test this morning to determine whether he has blockage in his stomach, we have just received AWESOME news! He does not have blockage in his kidneys but rather has kidney reflux that will be treated with antibiotics! Witt's precious cousin, Adelaide, also has reflux and it hasn't slowed her one bit. We are thrilled to pieces with this wonderful news! ALL GLORY AND PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!

***Karen just emailed...9:15am...they have begun the test on Witt's stomach and it should take about 45 minutes...the doctor should be able to share the results with Austan immediately!!! Please pray for Austan as he is in there alone with Witt.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In the morning, between 7:30 - 9:00 am, Witt will be taken to have his stomach checked. We are specifically praying that his stomach will begin to start digesting normally between now and the test. There is a possibility that there is blockage and that could be af setback from moving forward. We know that God is constantly showing himself to us through Witt's progress thus far. We are fervently praying tonight that HIS glory will be clearly seen in the test and the results. Our comfort and peace is resting on the promise that God's will is about healing the weak, the tired and those in need. Oh Father, please amaze us with your love and tender hand on the body of a child who knows only Your hand thus far.

Your prayer and support tonight and tomorrow are needed more than ever for Witt. Witt's parents, Melanie and Austan thank you for your continued love.



Let the praises to the LORD be loud and ring true! We were just blessed with the voices and music of Moses Rangel and Todd Gross here in the waiting room. They brought their love of music and Jesus to us and it was awesome to hear. God has blessed us as we covered the waiting room with family and friends and the gifts of our friends Moses and Todd.

Witt's lungs are clear after a chest x-ray this afternoon. We are still waiting on test results that we hope to hear about tomorrow. Witt was not under the lights today as his color has dramatically improved from yesterday. He also had all breathing assistance removed and was doing great on his own.

We received so many comments and prayers today and we so appreciate the faithfulness that you all have. Keep them coming and know that God is in the room with Witt. We pray that the miracles of healing will glorify our God as Witt is strengthened throughout the day.


Witt is done with the kidney test and we will share the results of that as we know them.
They have found that his stomach is enlarged so they will do a test for that soon (today). Please pray specifically at this time for the stomach blockage to clear.
We are still waiting for the chromosomal test results. Once those arrive the doctors will be able to make some more decisions as to what can be done for sweet baby Witt.
He can't survive very long being sustained through IVs alone. Once again we near the end of what medicine is able to do which gives God a chance to really His glory!


It's 10:15am and the doctors just took Witt for his kidney test. The urologist has been very eager for this test to happen so he can tell whether Witt's kidneys are fine or if he has reflux or a blockage. He has to have a catheter and undergo tests for the next hour. Please pray for sweet Witt's comfort during this time, the test results, and for Austan too as he is in the room with him during all of this.

Please join us in praying Psalm 29:11
"The Lord gives strength to His people (Melanie and Austan);
the Lord blesses His people with strength."

The other day Mel asked me, "Isn't enough enough?" Oh my goodness, from my human perspective this walk seems like enough. I want to say "uncle," a cry of surrender, for Witt, for Mel, for Austin! Instead I have to say "El Shaddai," The One Who is Enough! I call out to El Shaddai for the One Who is Enough. I call to the One Who can strengthen them, to the One Who can comfort them, to the One Who can heal them. He is Enough. He is all they need. I am asking El Shaddai to reveal Himself to Witt, Melanie and Austan right now and forever!


Please continue praying for Witt.
They have only given him one "serving" of milk and haven't been able to give any more. The doctors were hoping to this morning at 6am but couldn't.
They just took a chest x-ray. They are not too concerned about this part but there is a little fluid in his chest.
We are awaiting the final test results on chromosomes which will hopefully come in today or tomorrow.
He's still under lights for jaundice.
He is also still the most precious baby...of course I am biased!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Magnify....that's a word I don't use very often except that's the word that has been coming to my mind the last few days...magnify! That's what I see Witt's life doing...magnifying God. God's work in one tiny life is being broadcast everywhere...being magnified!!! God can do something in one life but it is spread across thousands and thousands of lives! Glory!

*Witt's cool goggles are there to protect his sweet eyes from the spotlight he was under today to treat his jaundice.


Witt had a great day today. First, we heard some great news about the heart and that Witt was able to take some food from mom through a tube. He will take more milk tomorrow morning hoping that his digestive system has cleared itself of mucus and small blood particles. He spent much of the day under the sun lamp working on his tan and getting some much needed rest. More test results are hopefully coming Wednesday or Thursday.

Thank you for the many comments and prayers today. Your love for Witt and the family is felt here for sure. Your prayers are keeping us all strong and forever remembering that God has a greater plan than we even know.

We hope to have live praise music this week in the waiting room and will let everyone know when that is going to happen for sure. Have a great evening.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the LORD, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the LORD as a reward. It is the LORD Christ you are serving.
Colossians 3:23,24


Take a look at Witt's fresh new bedding and all the company he has in his crib.
Of course he still likes to be in his parents' arms most of all but when nighttime comes his crib is filled with lots of love too.

The Lord gave these words to Witt's Grandma Vickie more than 5 years ago and she has been singing them and saving them for her future grandchildren ever since. And nod that day has come! She is a proud grandmother and wants to share these sweet words for Witt at bedtime...


Your heavely father he loves you so
there's no need to fear what the night may hold
His love is strong, kind, secure
on all these things you can be sure

You're one of Jesus little lambs
you are so special
your life's in his hands
And don't forget just why he came
to save the world from sin and shame

Now rest your head and close your eyes
it won't be long till morning is nigh
He is your light, your life, your way,
Jesus is with you
night and day

I love you Witt!


The doctor came by this morning to make his rounds and update Mel and Austan on some specifics of Witt's health as of today.
*The heart shows to be totally fine! There appears to be no cardio. issue at all, which is an amazing discovery!
*Witt is a little jaundice. They said it is just in the same way that so many babies have jaundice though and should get better.
*They decided to start him on some breastmilk today. This is huge news! Mel has been diligently pumping without even knowing whether Witt would ever be allowed to have milk. We are thrilled that he will be fed some several times today. He is acting quite hungry and the milk could also help with jaundice.
*Later today they hope to test the kidneys to determine if there is reflux or blockage and find out more information on how to treat our little buddy.
Thank you for sharing in all of our concerns and praises. Your faithful prayers are what we need most!

The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father's God, and I will exalt him. The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name. Exodus 15:2-3

Monday, October 27, 2008


I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.
Psalm 27: 13-14

Just when we thought God was going to bed...we got some great news about Witt's heart. Without trying to recount the medical explanation, the bottom-line news we just received is that Witt's heart appears to be working properly now and his blood pressure is equal across his arms and legs. This was a major concern initially, and with one more check the doctors will consider his heart functioning normally. Praise God!!


We met a family tonight that was waiting for news of their relative who is just five days old. After having surgery to close a valve in his heart, little Andrew Montes has begun to fight for his life. Please pray for Andrew and his mother Michelle and father Joseph Montes. This family is fighting for the same thing we are...more time and healing. Please join us by keeping the Montes family in your prayers.

As the day comes to an end we want to always thank our many friends, new friends, and extended family members who have taken up the call to petition God for Witt Lupher. The outpouring of love through your words and comments still blows us away every time we read of your faithful prayers for Witt. His day was filled with mom and dad taking care of him and the nurses and doctors watching over him as he completed another glorious day with us. Many of us got to hear his voice today as the sounds of crying filled his room. Melanie, his mom was quick to hold and comfort him and to reassure him that she was there and it was okay. To be honest, I was a little overcome with emotion as I watched my daughter and grandson together. Their closeness and bond is fun to watch grow. God's love fills Witt's room. Praise hymns interrupt the sounds of monitors that occasionally beep, seemingly just out of habit. Verses from God's word surround his bed and constant prayer stands at his door, guarding Witt each hour of the day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to remember Witt everyday. Your prayers are making a tremendous difference. We would love to meet all of you someday...have a blessed night.



Cutest legs with socks I have ever seen!




L- adelaide at 10 days old

R- witt at 4 days old

can you see the family resemblance? i know i can!

it is so interesting to me what a difference perspective makes. when i saw adelaide fall asleep like this back in january i wondered how she could possibly sleep on her changing pad in such an uncomfortable position. now it is 9 months later. yesterday i was in witt's room watching him squirm and squirm until he finally positioned himself like this. it suddenly looked like the most comfortable way i'd ever seen a sweet newborn sleep. i loved watching him peacefully snooze in his crib.

right now i don't know what words to pray but i am thankful to know that is okay. my prayers don't have to be perfectly phrased or all-knowing. that is not my role anyway. the important part is to pray without ceasing and always remember that God is listening.


in the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. we do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. -romans 8:26


I have been trying to write this note all morning. I am just not sure where to start. This is a heartache I have never come close to feeling before but I have never been carried by God this way before. I have never been so downcast in my soul before, but God has never reached so deep to bring me up. I have never argued with God like this before or never not understood His ways like this before but I have never had God speak and minister to me like this before. I say this to you guys to say that I have never been so devastated and I have never been so lifted up. Right now I have no understanding of Gods ways, at least in this picture but He has poured His infinite faith into me so that I don't need to know why. I want everyone to know that I am not in a good place because I have not had anger and questions, but I am a good place because of the faithfulness of our God. My sister, Cheryl just sent an email expressing that Melanie and Austan are her heroes. Melanie and Austan are our heroes not because they haven't had true human emotions but they are our heroes because they have had those emotions and yet don't stay there. I have watched Melanie acknowledge her anger, her excruciating pain, her questions and yet she soars, she soars with Christ. In the midst of her feeling very down, I still have to look up to see her because she is being held by Christ. Mel and Austan are our heroes because Christ is their God. Indeed they "would have despaired unless they believed that they would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living"(Psalm 27:13). Some of that "goodness of the Lord" is that I was blessed to do my quiet time with Witt this morning! He held my finger in his tiny hand while God spoke. My quiet times are changed for ever. Thank you all again for the emails, phone calls, encouragement...they are priceless to me.


october 23

october 24

october 25

october 26

october 27


Last Thursday, October 23rd, my precious niece, Melanie, gave birth to her first baby, Witt Harris Lupher. Sweet, sweet, adorable Witt was born with Edwards Syndrome (Trisomy 18) a chromosomal disorder. Melanie and her husband, Austan, are such a tremendous inspiration to us all! They are examples of faith and strength and they are truly my heroes! None of us know how long God will share Witt with us here in this world but I assure you we are better just from knowing him...he has stolen our hearts!!! My entire extended family, as well as, the sweet Lupher family, is keeping a constant vigil up at Texas Childrens Hospital...we pray, we laugh, we cry, we eat! I am blessed beyond measure to have the love and support of my very close family but we couldn't make it without you, our dear friends!

My brother-in-law, Jim, and Evan's sweet wife, Annalee, are maintaining a blog for Witt...I encourage you to read it...let Witt touch your life, too!!! I don't know if it was a post from Jim, Karen or Annalee but they admonished the reader to cherish every single day and not to "fix" anything tomorrow...we are only promised today. I owe it to Witt to live my life with that passion.

And, yes, there is something you can do for us...PRAY! Please join us in praying for compassion and mercy and the peace that surpasses all understanding!
God is Good!



I am with Witt. They are doing the fetal heart test right now. The respiratory people are watching his breathing because the rate slows down (but doesn't stay there very long) then jumps up high. The doctor will make rounds over the next hour. Test results should be getting back today. Continue those prayers.

*Mel and Austan are meeting with the doctor now. Please pray for comfort and understanding for whatever he is telling them.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Melanie, Austan and Witt spent a lot of time together today. The nurses were really good today as well. Both were back after a number of days off and I think really enjoyed getting to meet the "entire" family. Nurses on this floor are dealing with some really hard cases and probably some very demanding parents and family members. They try not to interrupt good family time, but they are always available to help answer questions and take care of Witt. We noticed Melanie is already very good at taking care of the needs of Witt, but ready to ask for help from the nurses. The nurses remember that the mother and father are so needing and wanting to be involved as much as they can. We praise God today for the great parents Melanie and Austan are and the wonderful little boy that has captivated this family so quickly. We also thank God for nurses who love what they do and work so hard to make our lives easier during this time. Austan and Melanie both thank you so much for your love and prayers. We (Austan and Mel's parents) are trying to "parent" them as well. Helping them to not forget to eat and sleep in between visits with Witt. The strength to overcome the physical tiredness and emotional strain is from God. He has provided so much to our family thus far, and the journey has just begun. Thank you for your prayers and comments. They mean so much to us all.
The McCords and Luphers


Karen just came from Witt's room and the doctor has been called to check on Witt's breathing. With his tube out since this morning, Witt is now having a little harder time getting the right number of breaths. Please be praying...

Just an update...Austan came out and said they are going to give Witt a little help breathing, his lungs are doing well, but they are going to give him some assistance in the nasal area.

-Jim and Annalee



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Good morning...Little Witt had the breathing tube removed this morning and is breathing on his own. We may actually hear him cry, which will be fun. The concern this morning was if he could not breath on his own, they may not have enough time to reinsert the tube. Austan says the breathing is right in the range they would hope it would be. Praise God!

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. Psalm 105:4


This morning Witt is doing well! His oxygen levels and breathing tests were good again. The doctors decided to take him off his breathing tubes a day earlier than expected. We have been reminded again and again to celebrate each moment of life. This morning we celebrate with Witt on his Day 4 birthday and as we anticipate him taking a breath on his own. I'm praying specifically for Witt to be successful at taking his breaths and that Mel and Austan get to hear him make a joyful noise when he can let out a cry the first time.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today has been another precious day with Witt.
and Mel.
and Austan.

Their family of 3 overwhelmed me with the way they lived today. I sit here tonight just trying to soak in the passion they are sharing for life. It is incredible.

This is just a small list of the things that you have done to make me stop and smile...

Your personality is coming out more and more. Your mom and dad know you so well already. They see "you" in the way your eyebrows move with expression. They see "you" in the way you suck your pacifier with gusto.
We all see it in the way you can be snoozing uninterrupted by the monitors and beeps but turn and open an eye at the mere sound of your mom or dad's voice. I loved getting to see your many faces today. You showed off with your content face, concerned face, peaceful face, and intrigued face. Your little yawn is beyond precious. The way you wiggled and worked to get perfectly snug in your blanket melts my heart. You have taught us to pay attention to every detail and celebrate each moment.

The verses with which you have covered Witt's crib are perfect. Your prayers for him as he grow in you are still so applicable today. I'm so glad you are sharing those with Witt and each of us that visit. The way you eagerly walk across the streets between Witt's room and yours all day (and night) even though you are still healing yourself from the 30 hours you spent delivering him. Your willingness to choose discomfort in order to pump milk in hope of providing nourishment for your son. The pride in your voice as you talk about Witt taking his passy, getting his bath, sleeping, etc. Your honesty and sincerity in each and every situation.

That smile nobody can wipe off your face. The "proud dad" stance that exudes from you. The "proud husband" words that are a constant. Your eyes that are red and puffy from your raw emotions you openly share for your precious son and all of us. The way you can describe in detail each medical aspect of Witt's care and condition.

I love all 3 of you dearly



To Friends and Prayer Warriors

It’s amazing the impact a small baby can have on the life of so many people.  Melanie and Austan are impacted more than anyone.  They are the new parents of Witt Harris Lupher.  On October 23rd, he struggled into new surroundings and to become a part of a family forever that was so happy to welcome him.   The nurses and doctors were all helping, almost ministering to parents that were exhausted and struggling with the newness of what was to come.   There was the joy of a new family member being announced by Austan, with his outstretched arms and saying, “It’s a boy!”   The grandparents and all the family let out a collective shout for Austan and Melanie who have had to endure so much so fast as a couple. 

God is teaching all of us some incredible truths throughout this season of our lives.  Witt will only have a short time with us as he lives each day as a special gift from God.  We have learned that each day is the most important day each of us has.  We must never assume that we are going to “fix” something tomorrow.  Each day our God has given us is a day that is filled with the hope of the Glory of God if we truly know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  There will be times when God allows us to go through hard circumstances.  It’s rare that we ever really know why, but God’s glory shines in some of the darkest places at just the right times.  We need to keep an eye out for God at work all around us, not just in our lives, but in those we come into contact with everyday.  Witt has given us all an opportunity to really see what is most important to each of us and to take that very seriously.

Throughout this beautiful little boy’s life so far, we have all felt tremendous emotions.  That is a good thing.  Witt has the Spirit of God living in him just as we have the Holy Spirit in us.  Witt’s spirit connects us all to God in some unexpected ways.  First, of all he made parents of two beautiful, gifted people that are doing a great job of parenting in the most difficult situation you could think of.  If you haven’t seen Austan holding Witt and talking to the nurses and doctors, you haven’t seen an amazing dad.  The joy and love in Austan’s eyes says it all.  Melanie has surrounded Witt’s bed with the verses she prayed over him during her pregnancy.  She has taken 30 hours of labor and almost completely recovered in a day with the strength and skill for motherhood that blows us away.  You have taken the opportunity to not only to love on the Luphers, Austan, Mel and Witt, but to allow the body of Christ to shine on this family through prayer and comfort. 

So as a family we thank the friends and prayer warriors for your outpouring of love and prayers that has made a lasting impact on us all.  Our joy is that we know you and know that you have made a powerful difference in what we as a family have been through the last few days.  We hope that you are able to share in the lives of Witt, Melanie and Austan as we are for as long as God allows.  May God’s blessings reach each of you in ways as great as our God.          



Please pray for our family and my nephew, Witt Harris Lupher.
Mel and Austan especially need all your thoughts and prayers.
Their courage baffles me.


Mel got to change Witt's diaper for the first time. Like all babies, he did not like it!!! I marvel at the very presence of God. Join me in praying for the 76 plus babies and their families that are in this unit! I am asking God to open my eyes to the prayer needs and ministry opportunities all around us. Witt's life brings lots of opportunities for God to be glorified!!! Mel has taped notecards all around his little bed that have some of the scriptures that she has prayed this whole pregnancy...its a wonderful reminder of Gods word!


Good morning. Since I am writing on my Blackberry this will be concise. Both Mel and Austan got to hold Witt last night. He reacted great.  Loving the fact that mom and dad could hold him.  We all stayed at the Marriott across the street and I am here waiting for the shift change at 7:15am to end so I can go back and sit with him.   Lots of tears last night especially from us guys, but God is giving us one day at a time.  All we know is that God is greater than the doctors so we pray.  Thank you for yours.

I have been here by myself with Witt almost 3 hours. He is doing fine.  He has the heartbeat of a jogger. Slow and steady.  He has been checked for all vitals and gone back to sleep.  He is excited that its the weekend so I would assume he will sleep in most of the day.  He doesn't mind a prayer or two either every so often.  He may not be the biggest kid in the neighborhood, but he knows how to get the nurses moving.    God is sure moving in the lives of everyone here.  

See you soon. 

Friday, October 24, 2008


We have received some very bad news on Witt.  He is believed to have Edwards Syndrome which brings with it a very short life span.  The doctor said 1 month to 1 year.  Most likely Witt will not come to his earthly home before he goes home to God the Father.  Melanie and Austan are allowing God to carry them as they cope.  Please pray for them as they face medical decisions.  God was and is and will be our Hope...that will never change even though we don't understand.  We are celebrating each day that we have with Witt on this earth.  God has called Mel and Austan to be parents in a way that most of us will never know.  But God the Father...our Perfect Parent...will lead them.


Witt is in NICU at Texas Children and is stable.  He is getting help breathing and will undergo numerous tests today.  First, we could not do this without our God...He is our Life...the very air we breath!!  I can't come up with the words to describe Austan and Melanie and the strength I see in them.  Mel is anxious to go see Witt.  Austan has been able to see Witt a couple of times and lights up when he talks about him.  We have cried, laughed and prayed.  I will send updates as we get them.  It is one step at a time as Witt's life unfolds.  This story is unfolding for us but not for God so we look to Him to direct us.  Thank you to each one of you...thank you for your prayers, your emails, your calls.  Thank you for standing in the gap for Witt and us!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I am not sure where to start but I start with what I know! God is good! I may not see it or understand these circumstances but God is good. We will hopefully get to see Witt before he goes to Texas Children. Right now he is getting help breathing and has some sort of syndrome that is not Downs. What I know is that this is a path less traveled but it is a path on which God promises to prosper Mel, Austan and Witt. We will not waste this walk and a walk without joy is a waste. A walk that doesn't bring God glory is the biggest waste ever. So pray for us, pray for Melanie and Austan, pray for Witt. We will walk with joy and keep our faces towards God. We will seek to loose ourselves so Christ can live. I don't want one day of our lives and not one day of Witt's life to not bring God glory. Thank you for your prayers...we need your prayers. This is the hardest walk Mel and Austan have ever been on...this is a walk of faith.


after 2 long day in the hospital mel delivered baby boy witt tonight, october 23rd, at 6:15pm.
we rejoice that he is finally here and love him immensely already. we are praying fervently for him and specifically his health. right now he is getting help breathing and testing is being done on his lungs and for other things. each and every prayer is coveted for this precious child of God. we know He is faithful in all situations and we ask His comfort especially in the days ahead.
i love you precious buddy, 


We don't know much because they took Witt Harris Lupher away immediately to be evaluated. We know he was needing some help breathing. Mel is doing great but concerned...keep the prayers going! Our God is good, our God is faithful...we wait on Him!!! I will email with more news about Witt just as soon as we have some.


She miraculously made it to 10cm dilated.  And I mean it was a miracle.  She was 7cm dilated and going to get a c-section.  We all were praying.  The baby will soon be here...GLORY!!!!!  I will let you know all the final details!!!  Mel will begin pushing soon...they are waiting on the doctor!


Haven't had the baby yet!  Please pray for Melanie to have the strength to endure the pain.  The baby's heart beat has been affected by the contractions so they keep having to lower the dosage of pitocin then raise it again.  One thing entering into this could be 2-line cord which can limit the oxygen and lower the heart rate.  She cannot have the epidural until the baby quits being "stressed" and the contractions are closer to 1 minute apart.  She's really really tired...she has been up all night.  Without a doubt our God can sustain her...I am asking Him to be the Sustainer!!!

12:00 UPDATE

Things are going fantastic. Melanie is 3cm dilated and 80% effaced! It could still take several hours or not! By tomorrow morning we should have a baby! I am resting in His peace knowing that this baby is His and am so excited to hold His baby in my arms!!!!!! A pediatrician will be in the room when she delivers and will probably take the baby right after its born to check everything out. I am really asking God to show shock the bring us all back to the truth that He is the Creator..that He has the final say, not statistics...most importantly I want God to be honored and glorified!!!


The latest news is that Melanie and baby are doing well.  Melanie now has the epidural and is grinning from ear to ear.  However, not much is happening on the delivery front.  Nothing has changed in the past couple of hours so the doctor said that they will make the call around 11:00am on whether or not to proceed with a c-section.  Certainly Melanie will do whats best for the baby but we are asking God to start this thing!  We really need this baby to drop down some and heavy duty labor to start!!  Right now Melanie is back on some oxygen and both she and Austan are resting.  Well, that's the latest...come on baby Lupher!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Mel went to the doctor. The baby's heartbeat didn't accelerate enough so they are inducing now!  Lots of prayers!  Her regular doctor is in Argentina so this is tougher on Mel!!!  Boy....what a faith walk!


mel is being induced today! please, please, pray.

at her checkup this morning the baby's heartbeat didn't accelerate a ton so they are inducing now.
it isn't an emergency but since the baby is already considered full term they felt it was best to go ahead and induce.

we are all eager for this sweet baby to arrive,
but his or her parents are the most ready of all.
this baby has been prayed and prayed for.
we continue those prayers constantly.

they have shown great trust as unknowns have appeared on tests.
they have shown great faith as their home was devastated by ike.
they have shown great patience as the repairs come slowly.
and they have already shown great love for their baby on the way.



Mel's contractions are not too strong and are 3-4 minutes apart. The heart beat is great and Mel is entertaining us!! They gave her medicine to soften the cervex. At 11:30 tonight the doctor will decide whether to continue to soften the cervex or start the pit. We will see!! Mel is so wonderful! God of course is great...I see His peace in her!!! I will send an update closer to midnight. Love you guys!! -Karen