Saturday, October 25, 2008


Good morning. Since I am writing on my Blackberry this will be concise. Both Mel and Austan got to hold Witt last night. He reacted great.  Loving the fact that mom and dad could hold him.  We all stayed at the Marriott across the street and I am here waiting for the shift change at 7:15am to end so I can go back and sit with him.   Lots of tears last night especially from us guys, but God is giving us one day at a time.  All we know is that God is greater than the doctors so we pray.  Thank you for yours.

I have been here by myself with Witt almost 3 hours. He is doing fine.  He has the heartbeat of a jogger. Slow and steady.  He has been checked for all vitals and gone back to sleep.  He is excited that its the weekend so I would assume he will sleep in most of the day.  He doesn't mind a prayer or two either every so often.  He may not be the biggest kid in the neighborhood, but he knows how to get the nurses moving.    God is sure moving in the lives of everyone here.  

See you soon. 

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