Saturday, August 21, 2010


Witt had a very good checkup with Dr. Macicek! He wants Melanie to wean Witt's oxygen as low as possible keeping Witt's saturation about 95. Melanie has started this process but it will take a couple of weeks. Dr. Macicek doesn't want to try to wean Witt off the ventilator at all for now. The ventilator is actually therapy for Witt and one of the last options that helps with his cardiac issues by helping his lungs to expand. Dr. Macicek strongly encouraged Mel to live life with Witt. There was even some talk of taking a trip or two with Witt in the future!! Taking Witt out and traveling will be so much easier when they are able to have a vehicle that Witt's cart just rolls into. I know our God who has been and is Faithful has a plan for this too!!!

Last night Witt was able to go to Kelsey's(cousin's) birthday party. Graham(cousin) was really glad to see Witt and his toys!!

Jim and the boys!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today Witt has a cardiology check up with Dr. Macicek.
Yesterday he rested up...

...And then he brushed his teeth!

There was also some shake, shake, shake time...

...And just some fun and smiling time!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Witt has been doing very well! His stomach continues to be an issue. Melanie has been trying all sorts of adjustments to his feeds to see if anything helps. Dr. Tapia is referring Witt to a motility specialist. It appears to take him a long time to actually digest the food. Friday is physical therapy and this past Friday Witt rode his rocking horse! Witt is definitely gaining much more strength in his neck and back. He even pulls himself up to sitting when Mel is holding him. Melanie and I have both noticed that Witt is trying to make some sounds. He actually can't because of the trach but he sure looks like he is trying!

A well deserved nap after therapy!

The scar that hurts my heart and the smile that heals my heart!!

Thank you all, for your continued support and prayers. Sometimes I forget all the physical problems that Witt has. The ventilator and oxygen are just a part of his life and his heart and brain, well I cant see their irregularities. Every now and then God gently reminds me of these things but not so I will hurt for Witt, Mel and Austan. When God reminds me, it is to remind me how incredible He dependent Witt's life is on dependent my life is on God. I am sorry to say that I still need the reminders especially when Witt is home and thriving. Please continue to pray....pray that I will never take a day in Witt's life, my life or any life for granted but use each day to bring Him glory whether at home or in a hospital!!!

Witt's Horseback Ride