Friday, October 31, 2008


We wanted to let you all know what we are aware of so far today. Austan and Mel were told today that Witt has an extra partial chromosome on the #1 chromosome (not on #18 as orginially thought). They haven't been able to meet with the genetic specialist yet so there are many unknowns concerning this finding. The great thing with this finding is because there are so few cases, and so few case studies, Witt will be treated as a "normal" baby with a "normal" life span. This means if a surgery is necessary for the kidney the doctors would make the decision for him the same as they would for a baby with no chromosome syndrome. Mel and Austan had been told that if Witt had Trisomy 18 most likely no surgieries would be done because the expected life span is so short. We will know more after they meet with the specialists...possibly not until Monday. We are thanking God for the fact that with this diagnosis Witt will not be labeled. Please continue to pray for him to be able to digest the breast milk!! Thank you for you continued prayers, notes and calls.


Frank said...

Thats great news! Glad to hear Witt Harris is progressing and growing, will keep Witt,and your family in our prayers so that the lord will continue to bless Witt. Frank.

Sheryl said...

We will believe that Mel and Austan will receive a great report on Monday and that as Witt goes through the weekend that he will be able to digest the breast milk. God is still on the throne!


connie said...

Ironic, isn't it, that it should be better to have nothing known about what he has, than to have several others to follow after? But I get that; it's because of the awful predictions that a trisomy 18 diagnosis carries with it. You hang in there. No one knows the future of any of our children, but I am glad tonight for this sort of news, that may make it easier for you to get whatever help your son may need.

He is a beautiful boy, by the way. :)

Praying also for an abundant supply of milk for your little one.

Fran Mays said...

Praise God, for the good news! We will continue to pray that he is able to digest the milk.

Leslie Gilbert said...

Drink up baby Witt!
& I love you!
-leslie g

Raley Family Blog said...

Praise God!

The Russell Family said...

God is Faithful! Still Prayiing...

Mandi said...

Great news!!! We're still praying. (: It's so exciting to witness and be a part of what God is doing!!!

Anonymous said...


He: God/Jesus

Praise the Lord!

God CAN!
NOTHING is impossible with God!
He IS the Great Physician!
He IS the Healer!
Nobody loves Witt as much as God does!
He is a just God!
He is a merciful God!
He is the author of peace!
He is the God of all comfort!
He is the God that formed Witt!
He is the hope of his people!

Father God, Thank you for Witt, thank you for his life, thank you for his mommy and daddy and all those that love him. You are a loving Father and I praise you for who you are! Lord, I ask you for a miracle for baby Witt; please Father heal his tiny body, make it whole. Let your will be done for this baby. We praise you God for what you are doing in Witt's life. Please give comfort, peace, strength and hope to Witt's family. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Leah J. said...

WOW!!! I'm speechless!

Gayle said...

Our God is sooooo God! He is in CONTROL!!! His plans for Witt are perfect.
Loving you and praying for all of you.
Bobby and Gayle

cheryl said...

I love you, sweet little Witt! You continue to amaze me...God is using you, your mommy and your daddy to do mighty and wonderful things! I'll be praying for you today.
Go slay those dragons, little man!!!

Megan said...

Praising the Lord!!!!

Kelli said...

PRAISE HIM!! What wonderful news!!