Sunday, February 28, 2010


Witt has had a good weekend. No changes at all to speak of. I assume that this coming week will begin discussions on what the plan might be for Witt. We really don't know because there are still questions to be answered. Please continue to pray for God's wisdom...not only for Melanie and Austan but for the doctors who will help guide them! Here are some photos and videos from last week.

Witt still likes his bed to be shaken!

This was the day before Witt went back on the vent.

This man has entertained me for several days in the waiting room!
He has no trouble sleeping but a little trouble staying in the chair.
The sounds that he makes had all of us close to
rolling out of our chairs too!

Friday, February 26, 2010


It has been a pretty uneventful day. Most of the settings on the ventilator are pretty low. What Witt needs is the pressure support from the vent that helps his lungs to expand which in turn helps him to also exhale. No decisions need to be made right this second. In fact, if Witt were to have a tracheotomy it could not be done for several weeks because of just having had open heart surgery. Today he was more alert and enjoying some Olympics. He seems to have taken a liking to Women's Curling! Mrs. Anderson and her Precious Students,
Your comments today are so encouraging...more than you will ever now! Thank you for taking the time to not only pray for Witt, Austan and Melanie but also for commenting on Witt's blog. God has changed me so much through Witt's life. Hearing that God is using Witt in your lives is up lifting! God has recently made sure that I realize that nothing about Witt's life is a tragedy. A life that is used by God is the greatest success story. Witt's life is a huge success. I encourage each of you to choose Christ...choose Christ and His way of success!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday Witt was put back on the ventilator. Melanie and Austan requested that it be in the nose and not the mouth so that Witt could still take his pacifier. Dr. Morales said that he doesn't believe it was Witt's heart causing this immediate need to be on the vent although overall the main contributing factor is undoubtedly the heart. This may have been caused by a virus but we don't know. Unfortunately, it doesn't really matter because Witt is back on the vent and is fluid positive. Today there is no decision to make but Melanie and Austan at some point will probably have to decide if they want Witt to have a tracheotomy. Right now there are questions that would need to be answered before any decision could be made. One of the main reasons to have a trach would be so that Witt could go home if he doesn't ever come off the ventilator. However, unless his medicines(diuretics, etc.) and fluids can be managed at home he would remain in the hospital anyway. There are most likely some hard hard decisions ahead. Last night Mel said she doesn't want to have to make these type of decisions. I am praying that if there are decisions to be made that God would make the right choice so clear that it almost feels like there is no choice at all! I am wholeheartedly praying for God's perfect will to not only be carried out but to be made totally evident to Mel, Austan and the doctors. And I still know that our God is to heal Witt. I also know that He is Faithful...I have seen that over and over again. I know that He will accomplish all that concerns Witt, Austan and Melanie and faithfully carry them through all of this!

Isaiah 25:1
O Lord, You are my God;
I will exalt You, I will give
thanks to Your name;
For You have worked wonders,
Plans formed long ago, with
Perfect faithfulness.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Witt is going to have to be intubated. Melanie has asked that for now the tube at least be put through the nose and not the mouth. This way Witt can still take his pacifier and put his fingers in his mouth. This will require an anesthesiologist so they are waiting on that. Jim just came from Witt's room and said the doctors and anesthesiologist are there now. Please pray Witt, Mel and Austan!


Yesterday Witt had a good day. He was smiling and alert. Last night however he spiked a fever of 102. He has been tested again for all the common viruses. This afternoon as I was leaving the hospital Melanie let me know that she thought Witt was getting worse. She said he looked puffy which means he is holding fluid. The 4:00pm blood gas showed that his CO2 was 100! I headed right back to the hospital. Witt has now been put on Bipap from Cpap. They will do another blood gas soon. The fear is that Witt will have to go back on the ventilator. I know I usually have specific requests but I find myself at a loss of words...kneeling at the throne of grace just saying: "Please, Lord,Your perfect will. Please, Lord, let Your mercy and grace flow!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Witt is 16 months old today!!!
He is a big boy!

Today's birthday wish(actually prayer!) is that Witt's lungs will improve. The chest x-ray looked a little worse today and his CO2 is staying in the 70's. It had been in the 50's...the lower the better! What is a little baffling to us is that he seems to be breathing easier. It's not labored like it has been at times. He definitely has lots of congestion that has to be suctioned quite often!!
I remember when I used to celebrate not just each week but everyday of Witt's life as a precious gift from God. I confess that I have somewhat lost that mindset. Please, Lord, keep me so positioned at Your throne that I celebrate every day that You give not just Witt but me and that each day gives You more glory!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Witt is on the move! We are thrilled for the move. Not that we didn't appreciate the doctors and nurses in the CVICU but its like moving back home to the PICU. Please don't miss God's mercy and grace in this! I always thought of the transforming of our minds more with sinning but God has transformed our minds...our that moving to PICU is exciting and encouraging!!! The mercy, the grace of God that He would give us this mindset so that we wouldn't despair! When I opened the doors to the PICU waiting room of course pulling my rolling cart behind me, Maria(the receptionist) and one of my favorite workers yelled: "Miss Karen!" We just laughed and hugged!!! God is Good...all the time! Now, onto Witt! Dr. Knudson reminded Melanie today that 4 days ago Witt was on a ventilator. Today he is on CPAP and they have been able to lower the setting so Witt is headed in the right direction. We don't know how "far" God will carry Witt in that direction but today we celebrate all the moves in the right direction!!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Witt is still off the ventilator and on CPAP. His blood gas numbers(CO2, etc.) have been up and down. The last blood gas results were all a little better. His feeds have been slowly increased and he should be at the normal amount tomorrow. For now Witt really needs your prayers that he will continue to move in the right direction...that he will expand his lungs as he breathes and they will get better! At some point, also, I believe Witt needs to come off CPAP to just regular oxygen through a nasal cannula.
This weekend I had the opportunity for the first time to talk to ladies in Abilene who have been faithfully praying for Witt. What I wanted them to know and everyone who is praying for Witt and my family to know is that your prayers are felt! Please know that even if we never meet this side of heaven, we feel the effects of your prayers and only our God could do that miracle!

I am amazed how Witt just plays no matter the contraption on his face!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


We have a very specific prayer request today...we need Witt to really BREATHE! We need nice, loooooong, DEEP breaths. Since he came off the vent yesterday he hasn't been staying very warm (although, Witt's Great-Grandmama, my mom, tells me that his precious little hands are warm now!) and this morning his upper right lobe was a little collapsed. We need our sweet boy to really BREATHE and expand those lungs and send that oxygen to his extremities so he can stay off the vent!

As I've been typing this post, I've been thinking about all the different songs, both Christian and secular, that speak of "Breathing." I will most likely "hear" Rebecca St. James' "Breathe" in my head all day of my favorites!
"This is the air I breathe
Your Holy Presence living in me"
But, it's the classic hymn, "Breathe on Me, Breath of God" that I will be PRAYING for Witt today!!!
Breathe on me, Breath of God,
fill me with life anew
that I may love what thou dost love,
and do what thou wouldst do.
Breathe on me, Breath of God,
until my heart is pure,
until with thee I will one will,
to do and to endure.
Breathe on me, Breath of God,
til I am wholly thine,
til all this earthly part of me
glows with thy fire divine.
Breathe on me, Breath of God,
so shall I never die,
but live with thee the perfect life
of thine eternity.
In Him,

Friday, February 19, 2010


Witt was successfully extubated earlier today!!!
Praise the more vent!


Witt is supposed to be extubated today. Probably sometime after 11am. Please pray that Witt can come off the ventilator and stay off! The echo yesterday indicated that the surgery didn't help much. There is little to no change with the valve and heart. For now what is important is that Witt can breathe without being on the vent. We were hoping surgery on the valve would help with his lungs which in turn would help assure that he would not need the ventilator. As has always been Melanie and Austan's walk with Witt, we look to our God for real assurance and for the final say! Please, Lord, please...You Yourself breathe for Witt...big deep breaths...confound the Yourself Mighty, Mighty to Save!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


We don't have any results yet from the echo cardiogram but it has been decided to not extubate today...maybe tomorrow. The only thing I am certain of is that nothing is certain! I am asking for and trusting in God's perfect timing to take Witt off the ventilator!!


The plan today is to extubate Witt! He will have an echo on the heart first and if that looks good then he will be taken off the ventilator and put on CPAP. It is such a blessing to have Dr. Knudson on the CVICU floor. He too, like Dr. Macicek, is in the cardiac fellow program. Dr. Knudson has seen Witt many times now and is very familiar with him. Witt's lungs actually look a little wetter today but Dr. Knudson knows that Witt's has secretions increase the more active he is because of being on the vent. There usually seems to be a best time of opportunity to take Witt off the vent and then the fact that he has been on the vent for some time begins to work against him. Once again Witt's feeds are being held in hopes of extubating. Today feels huge!!! The main reason that this open heart surgery was done was in hopes that it would improve Witt's lungs to the point that he would not have to be on a ventilator which would mean also needing a trach. I know that God's word says that we don't have because we don't ask AND we ask for the wrong reasons. I am asking God to heal Witt's allow Witt to come off and stay off the ventilator!! One of my greatest hearts desires is always for God to be glorified. I desire: "that they may see and recognize, and consider and gain insight as well, that the hand of the Lord has done this..!" BUT, I wouldn't be completely honest if I didn't tell you that today I am at the throne of grace as a mom and grandmom simply asking God for the echo to show that the mitral valve is working better and to allow Witt to breathe without a ventilator!
Here is some much requested video!! The sedation slows
Witt down some but not the vent!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Witt is still slowly going in the right direction! Feeds have been started but were stopped last night so he could have work done on his existing PIC line or a new one put in. This procedure does require Witt to have a cardiac anesthesiologist. He is getting less and less sedation throughout the day so he is awake a lot more....awake and playing with his toys! Witt is now on ventilator support trials every 3-4 hours and seems to being doing good. So far we don't know when they might try to extubate. The main goal for today is a familiar one...pull more fluid off of Witt!!! His diuretic dose will be increased and/or another one may be added. There has been no mention of when Witt might be moved out of the CVICU. Hopefully he will be headed at least down to the PICU soon!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


This morning both of Witt's chest tubes were removed! This summer the drainage tubes had to be left in Witt for a lot longer so this is definitely a blessing! Feeds were actually not started yesterday but it is planned for today. Also, Witt was given a volume support trial on the ventilator and he did well! The nurse believes that they will do another support trial later today. Hopefully if Witt does well on this one too he can be taken off the ventilator soon! I can tell you that for now Witt is healing up nicely. I can also tell you that God's presence and His activity can very much be felt by anyone who enters Witt's room!!! Earlier today my friend Rise' and I were texting back and forth. I included Cheryl and Jim. I am going to put some of our texts below because I believe it will help to answer the question that many people can have in this situation..."Where is God in all this?"
I shared with Rise' what God had just reminded me of. Last spring God told me that 2 angels will always watch over Witt. He reminded me this morning as I sat with Witt that they still stand over him and that they would never leave Witt! Rise' responded by saying: "Wow, what a great thing to think about! Angels are right there by his bed!" I said that God gives me sort of a picture or image. Nothing detailed and it's not about the image but about the feelings that accompany I am on Holy ground with the angels and Witt! Rise' said: "It makes me want to shout!" I said me too! Only God could do that while I am sitting in a CVICU room with Witt all hooked up to machines and I just want to shout for joy!!!! Rise' responded with simply and truthfully: "Amazing grace..." My sister, Cheryl's, response was: "I agree! There have been times at the hospital that the peace is SOO overwhelming and tangible that it has taken my breath away." Jim's answer may put it the best of all: "I have had similar feelings that God is present at times when I am with Witt. That would explain it. In all the life changing moments we have gone through, never has God's peace and comfort ever left. There is no more a greater testament to God then a sick boy who says no words but speaks and shouts God's name through his very life. In all of this there is no doubt a sense of strength and peace that gives us a hope that makes no sense to many. I so know that God is there with you all."
I still have questions and things that I don't understand but I have to choose to not dwell on those but dwell on the truths I know. If anyone wants to know "where on earth is a loving God in all this?" He is here...right here...and He is all loving! It is because of His unfailing love, grace and mercy that we can shout for joy and even just laugh! And yes, sometimes we might have to "shout" a little louder to be heard over the ventilator and various alarms in Witt's room but NEVERTHELESS He has empowered us to shout! What an Amazing Lord we Him be the glory...forever!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day! Witt would normally give you
a Valentine smile but he's not quite
up to that for today!

Witt is improving and looks much better today! He is still on the ventilator but they might try a pressure support trial this afternoon. This needs to be done a couple of times before the doctors would consider extubating. Witt has dirtied a diaper(bowels moving!) so he can be fed now. The feeds will be started sometime today and be given very slowly at first. For now its slow changes and no real timetable for moving out of CVICU. Definitely "as God leads!"

This is Witt's command center in his room! What do you think it
looks like around God's throne?!!!!!! Nah, just
God...that's enough...El Shaddai!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Witt is doing well! He is on good pain medicine! They want to keep him pain free and pretty still. He has a couple of drain tubes from his chest and he is on the ventilator. Over the next couple of days the goal is to get the extra fluid off of him from having surgery and lower the sedation enough so that he is doing some breathing of his own over the ventilator. The cardiologist's are very pleased with how he is doing. This was a very "big" surgery!! Please pray that very soon Witt will be able to come off the vent. Thank you to each of you that continues to walk with us and pray for Witt!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


The surgery is over!!! Dr. Morales repaired the valve. It is working much better. We won't know how "successful" it was for a while. What I do know is that Witt made it through open heart surgery without any complications!! He came right off the heart bypass! He is on a ventilator and will remain for a few days but will hopefully come off soon. I believe God has Witt right where he needs to be. A great surgeon has done everything he can do and still is not sure what the outcome is. Now God, who has always been in control, can do what He desires and there will be no doubt it is God!!!!


Dr. Morales is working to repair the valve right now. When he has finished, Witt will be taken off of the bypass machine and will have an echo done. If the valve is functioning properly, Witt will be closed up. If Dr. Morales isn't satisfied with the repair, Witt will be put back on the bypass machine and Dr. Morales will replace the valve with an artificial one. We have no idea how long each of these steps will take but we will keep you posted as we hear anything!

"What a Valentine!"

A dear friend sent us the following message that we want to touched us so!

"you will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You."
Isaiah 26:3
Can you even imagine literally, physically holding a human heart in your hands?!? This "picture" of Witt with Dr. Morales is overwhelming as we try to fathom our Father's love as He so tenderly and gently HOLDS our very hearts and souls in His almighty hand! What a Valentine! And what an amazing place to entrust sweet Witt are loved!

What a Valentine, indeed!

Dr. Morales is working on Witt's heart right now and we're hoping to hear very soon whether or not he can repair the valve or will need to replace it.
We will keep in touch and you keep those prayers flowing!!!
In Him,

10:30 UPDATE

The doctors have opened Witt up to expose his heart. Now the actual surgery on the heart itself is beginning! Melanie is taking advantage of the time between updates to sleep a little. I know that God is in that operating room. I know it is actually His hand that is operating!


Witt is in surgery! The surgery could take 7-12 hours. Melanie and Austan were told that it if there is scar tissue from his first heart surgery it can take 3-4 hours to just cut through it. We should get hourly updates! Please pray for endurance for Dr. Morales and that Christ Himself is holding and speaking to Witt!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 7am. We are completely trusting God for His perfect timing with the surgery! Right now I am really lifting up the prayer for endurance...for God to renew our strength as we wait!


Witt has not been taken back for surgery yet. Dr. Morales is assessing a patient brought in as an emergency. He is hoping to stabilize that patient and still operate on Witt. We will know within an hour or so if Witt's surgery will be today. Our desire is without a doubt God's timing for surgery!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Witt's surgery is scheduled for 9am Thursday morning. It would take a pretty big event for it to not happen. He has been back on the ventilator since yesterday afternoon. This morning the doctor did put a scope down the vent tube and into the lungs. He said that the lungs look pretty good...the airways are open. I am not sure when Witt will be taken for surgery but I will try to update the blog throughout the surgery as we get news. I covet your prayers for Witt, Melanie and Austan! My hearts desire is for the surgery to be successful and for Witt to come right off the heart bypass machine. Honestly, I just find myself wanting to stay at the throne of God...and simply asking Him to continue to poor out His love, mercy, grace and strength!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The Fighter Pilot!!!!

Melanie and Austan titled these pictures "The Fighter Pilot" Amazing God working in and through two amazing parents!!!!



It looks like Witt will be put back on the ventilator this afternoon so Melanie had a chance to hold Witt this morning! The main reason for the vent now is that Dr. Morales(the surgeon) wants to make sure that there is no infection in Witt's lungs. He wants Witt ventilated this afternoon and another chest x-ray taken tomorrow morning. If the x-ray shows no improvement then Dr. Morales wants to go into the lungs through the vent tube and possibly remove the fluid from the lungs. If there is an infection then surgery could be postponed. Witt has been on an antibiotic for several days so hopefully this is not the case!

Melanie and Austan met with Dr. Morales a little bit ago. He said there are three scenarios that could play out. He could just replace the valve with the mechanical one or he could try to repair the valve and do an echo in the operating room to see if the repair worked. Scenario two is if the repair worked then close Witt up but if it didn't work then scenario three. That would be to then replace the valve then with a mechanical one. Dr. Morales is one of the top cardiac surgeons and he will make the decision once he can look at the valve. Melanie said that Dr. Morales is a little more pessimistic about the outcome and overall affect this will have on Witt. Some cardiologists think this could have a huge impact but Dr. Morales is not sure. Having said that, we love Dr. Morales and appreciate his honesty from his perspective. He told us at the last hospital stay that he did not expect Witt to have ever gone home this last fall without at least another surgery or a trach. Don't you see that Dr. Morales' prospective is not bad. What if God decides to heal Witt through this surgery?!!!! Dr. Morales sure is "positioned" right to know that it was God and not just his incredible surgical talent! One of my greatest desires is for God to be glorified...for God to receive the glory that is due Him! I think it must be hard sometimes for these very very talented doctors to remember that it is still God that is in control and God deserves the ultimate glory!

Lord God, I ask You to work through Witt's surgery. I ask that the surgery be even more of a success than any doctor expects so that You and only You receive the glory!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


The doctors changed Witt from the CPAP to BIPAP(Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure). Witt's CO2 level continues to rise. It is now in the upper 90's to 100. Witt's is normally high but I think its' usually below 50. One thing that can cause this is if his lungs aren't expanding enough which also means they are not exhaling enough so the carbon dioxide builds up. The BIPAP is the last step before being intubated. It's a different apparatus than Witt has ever had. Most of his face is covered and it almost looks like he has underwear on his doesn't seem to bother him too much!

Witt's surgery to replace the mitral valve is still scheduled for this Thursday. There are some questions that I don't have answers for yet like if its an artificial valve or maybe a pig valve. I don't know. I am not sure how long the surgery most likely will take but I think it will start early and last most the day. As I get more information I will pass it on! Please pray that Melanie and Austan are able to get rest over these next couple of days. Pray that God is drawing Dr. Morales near to Him and opening up his ears to hear the very voice of the Greatest Physician!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Witt is still off the ventilator but every time a blood gas is done there is a discussion of whether or not he should be put back on it! His CO2 remains very high but because some of the other numbers are also high it may not be because he is in respiratory distress but that his body is compensating. I hope I got that right! I may have a better explanation later!!! At any rate, the attending cardiologist will round in about an hour. He will make the call on whether or not Witt goes back on the vent. They did start his feeds this morning which has been stopped when he was extubated. The doctors never wanted to start the feeds in case he needed to be intubated. Finally today Melanie asked them to start the feeds. There is always a chance that feeding him which takes some energy to digest could tip him over the edge but Mel didn't want to keep waiting day after day. Witt is a trooper! I am always amazed at how he manages to play no matter what contraption he is on!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


A quick update...Witt is still off the ventilator. He is still holding his own. They are trying to keep him off the vent till at least closer to surgery. At some point he may need to go on the ventilator so his lungs are in better shape for surgery. For now, though, Witt remains off the vent!


Witt is going back on the vent. The x-ray this morning showed that his right lung was collapsed. They want his lungs to be in the best shape possible for surgery. Unfortunately, that means being on the ventilator. Please continue to pray not only for Witt but also for endurance for Melanie and Austan!

"Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength;They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary."


I've been back with Witt since around 3am. His CO2 has been rising
again and he is breathing fast even for Witt...respiratory rate
100-120. That's about 2 breaths a second. Give it a short try. We
would pass out breathing like that! Witt has a fever now and they are
hoping that's what's causing the faster breathing. It was discovered a
couple of days ago that he has an infection in his lungs(possibly a
result of being on the vent!). Doctors are still holding off putting him back on the vent.
They are hoping Witt can just get through this fever. I got my
computer out to continue my quest to watch all of the first 5 seasons
of Lost but this is where God took "My Utmost For His Highest"...much better
than being lost in Lost!

From Oswald Chambers:

"I am ready to be offered." It is a transaction of will, not of
sentiment. Tell God you are ready to be offered; then let the
consequences be what they may, there is no strand of complaint now, no
matter what God chooses. God puts you through the crisis in private,
no one person can help an other. Externally the life may be the same;
the difference is in will. Go through the crisis in will, then when it
comes externally there will be no thought of the cost. If you do not
transact in will with God along this line, you will end in awakening
sympathy for yourself.

"Bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar." The
altar means fire - burning and purification and insulation for one
purpose only, the destruction of every affinity that God has not
started and of every attachment that is not an attachment in God.You
do not destroy it, God does; you bind the sacrifice to the horns of
the altar; and see that you do not give way to self-pity when the fire
begins. After this way of fire, there is nothing that oppresses or
depresses. When the crisis arises, you realize that things cannot
touch you as they used to do. What is your way of fire?

Tell God you are ready to be offered, and God will prove Himself to be
all you ever dreamed He would be.

I am reminded of one of Mel's early emails to everyone where she said
if God could give His son then she could do this! This sentence...
"Externally the life may be the same; the difference is in
..sort of jumped out to me. The life(circumstance) may be the
same but by wanting and finding peace in God's will keeps me from
feeling sorry for myself. And maybe the most important sentence for me:

"After this way of fire, there is nothing that oppresses or depresses.
When the crisis arises, you realize that things cannot touch you as
they used to do."

O, that things...whatever life has to throw at me...cannot touch me
like they used to. THEY CAN'T STEAL MY JOY!!!! What an amazing God we
have!!! He would not let me go through this(or Mel and Austan) and
also have my joy stolen...that would be too much!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Witt is still off the ventilator but right now it's touch and go. He is on CPAP(Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) which forces the oxygen into his lungs and can help to keep them from collapsing. Witt's C02 level is high and his oxygen saturation is staying low so he might have to be put back on the ventilator. Once again the doctors are trying to keep him off the vent. Another blood gas will be done at 10pm. Witt's surgery has been scheduled for next Thursday. This is pretty tentative but at least there is a target date! Vickie(Austan's mom) and I were talking this evening. Once again we find ourselves almost at a loss of what to pray for. We know that our heart's desire is for Witt to get better...for this surgery to have a great impact on Witt's overall health. I think it's the details that stump us! Thank You, Lord that nothing stumps You...that You are concerned with every detail. Thank You, that You are in control of every detail from the timing of surgery to the very last stitch!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Witt is off the ventilator!!! He had 2 pressure support trials today and it was decided to extubate him! He is loving his pacifier and now he can move around in the bed some. Also his poor cheeks have a bad rash from the tape that is used to secure the tube. Respiratory uses all sorts of skin guard trying to find something that is easy on his skin. It seems no matter what is used Witt eventually develops a bad rash. You can see on his face where the circles of tape are placed. We have been told that surgery to replace the valve will be sometime next week but I don't think that is official yet. Please pray that Witt continues to breathe easy on his own and remains off the vent until surgery.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Thank You, Lord!!!! Dr. Macicek just came by to discuss doing a mitral valve replacement. The results of the cardiac cath showed better pressures than expected and that the valve was leaking more than they thought. There is no ultimate guarantee how much the surgery will help Witt but they are hopeful that it will be significant! Dr. Macicek said that if it were his choice he would have the surgery. Unless Dr. Morales would have something very surprising to add, Melanie and Austan want the surgery for Witt. The surgery is a tough heart with Witt on the heart bypass machine. And the doctors can give no guarantees. That's why we look to the only "guarantee" that I know of in this world...God! I guarantee He is God, He is Witt's God and He will always be Witt's God!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Not much happened over the weekend! Witt has been feeling very well and I don't believe he has had a fever for a couple of days. He does remain on the ventilator. They will not try to take him off until some decisions are made. If surgery is in the near future he will most likely just stay on it. It doesn't seem to phase Witt much except he sure would like to roll to his sides and play. He can sleep on his side but can't be allowed to freely roll from side to side.

Today Dr. Morales should come by to discuss if mitral valve replacement is an option or even an option that they would want to take. I pray that God makes these decisions so clear that it actually feels like there are no choices to make. I pray that replacing the mitral valve is a clear cut choice! Above all I continuously pray for God's perfect will!