Sunday, February 21, 2010


Witt is still off the ventilator and on CPAP. His blood gas numbers(CO2, etc.) have been up and down. The last blood gas results were all a little better. His feeds have been slowly increased and he should be at the normal amount tomorrow. For now Witt really needs your prayers that he will continue to move in the right direction...that he will expand his lungs as he breathes and they will get better! At some point, also, I believe Witt needs to come off CPAP to just regular oxygen through a nasal cannula.
This weekend I had the opportunity for the first time to talk to ladies in Abilene who have been faithfully praying for Witt. What I wanted them to know and everyone who is praying for Witt and my family to know is that your prayers are felt! Please know that even if we never meet this side of heaven, we feel the effects of your prayers and only our God could do that miracle!

I am amazed how Witt just plays no matter the contraption on his face!


Terri Smith said...

I send my love and my prayers to little Witt (and to all his family). I watched him playing on the video and my heart is so full. I will lift his name to Jesus every day that I am needed.

Blessings to you all, Terri Smith

Gayle said...

Sweet Video!! Witt's only concern is which toy to hit first!
God is His breath of life. We thank God for all He has done in Witt's life and will continue to do. We continue to lift Witt to Our Heavenly Father and trust God as He holds Witt tenderly in His loving, healing arms.
We love each of you and know God has you in His loving arms also.
Bobby and Gayle

Elizabeth said...

Precious Witt, is always in my prayers, I check on him daily, and am glad that he is playing with his toys. Sending prayers of healing.

Jenn said...

Precious video!!! We love you all and continue to pray for healing!
Jenn & Joseph