Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well our trip to the nursing home was very interesting to say the least. We checked in at 2:30 on friday, signed a ton a paper work and then headed back to the hotel till 8:30 that evening. When we got back to the home a nurse let us in our room and that was the last we saw of anyone till we left. We did have one visitor come by though. It was around 10 and we keep hearing a knocking on our door but we weren't totally sure. Finally I got out of bed to check and sure enough there was a little old man going up and down the halls in his wheelchair knocking on all the doors. He was so sweet. We saw him the next morning trying to get out of the front door. Austan and I woke up around 6am and went and met my parents and Lynn at Ihop before they headed to Winter Park. Although the nursing home stay was very silly i'm glad we are able to get Witt on medicaid. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of Austan and me when it comes to Witt's future bills. All in all it was a fun trip! We had to pack what seemed like a months worth of luggage for two days but I enjoyed getting Witt out of the house. It's also nice to know that it is possible to take him places. Thank you for all your prayers for safe travels. If you would please pray for my mom, Lynn and Cheryl's family they will be driving back from Winter park tomorrow and Friday.
As for other news with Witt there isnt much to report. I took Witt to the pedi surgery nurse yesterday to get his g-button looked at because it keeps leaking. She was able to put in a new size so we are hoping that will fix the problem. He goes back to the cardiologist in July and his special needs doctor in August. We will also be starting back up his physical therapy soon. Here are a few pics from the weekend. I have pictures of our nursing home room but those are stuck on my camera. I will post them another time. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!!

Witt is a fan a twilight thats why he sporting his fangs. Witt's tooth count is up to 10!

This picture only took about 4 takes to get it right. The others are really funny but for my eyes only!! Ha!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Yesterday was Witt's first real car trip! Tonight Witt will stay in a nursing home near Killeen, Tx. This is the last step in Witt qualifying for a special medicaid program. I went along to lend a hand if needed. To make the trip a little fun and just in case there were any issues we went a day early and stayed in a hotel close by.



One of the harder things about the trip is the packing. Thankfully all of Witt's equipment is portable but there is quite a bit. Another issue is lifting Witt in and out of his car seat while maneuvering his tubes, oxygen and ventilator! This is probably the biggest need for the family right now...a vehicle where Witt's cart can simply be rolled in and locked down. His cart is also a car seat and if he could just be rolled in that would be wonderful. I have talked to some people about raising money for this and now I am praying and trusting in God to accomplish it!! Witt was a great traveler. Hopefully, staying in the hotel was a treat for Mel and sure was for me!

Witt played with his toys...

and enjoyed his mom!!!

The pack and play provided by the hotel doesn't work for Witt because of the tubes but a good old fashioned pallet does!
This afternoon its off to the nursing home to check in. Then back to the hotel because Witt, Mel and Austan don't have to actually be in the room for the night until 9pm. Please pray that the night is not too hard! Pray that God uses Witt, Mel and Austan in this setting to bring glory to His name!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Jim and I had the blessing of joining the Luphers for their Father's Day dinner out. Mark Lupher is a wonderful father who clearly loves his sons and grandchildren!

Elle, Lee, Witt, Austan, Mark and Jim

Melanie cut Witt's hair to prepare
for the outing!!!
Undoubtedly, Austan loves Witt and Witt loves his daddy! Austan has been called to be a father in ways that most of us cannot even imagine. He has had to have discussions with doctors and make decisions about his child's life that most dads will never have to. Cheryl and I have said this before...Austan is one of our heroes!

Witt likes hanging out on the couch!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Witt has many teeth!

Witt definitely has beautiful eyelashes!!

And Witt has a new chair to sit in!!
Witt's week started with his cardiology check up which went very well. He did not have an echo this time and the blood work came back great. Outings with Witt are definitely different than with other kids but like other kids Witt...

...enjoys the ride...

...loves to be with his mommy...

...and is worn out by the whole thing!!!
Witt's an active little big guy!!
It's been a wonderful normal week for Witt...thank You, Lord! Witt's normal may not be what's normal for most but its great to have normal days!!!! Please pray that we continue to love the Lord, our God with all our heart, souls, minds and strength with the same intensity in these normal days as we have when Witt was in the hospital!! Please pray that we set the Lord continually before us in these normal days not because there is some great request but because we want to worship and praise Him always!!! What an amazing God that He can take our minds, our very meaning of words like "normal" and transform them when His will is not to transform our circumstances. I see this in Mel and Austan all the time...AMAZING GOD!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Witt's had a fun and healthy week! He has been feeling really well. Today he is at the cardiologist for his check-up. So far we know that Witt's blood work has come back good...all the levels are where they should be. Dr. Macicek was so kind to call Melanie this morning and let her know he couldn't be there today. "Dr. Ivory"(I won't even attempt to spell his last name!) is seeing Witt this time. He was Witt's doctor for a month this past summer and is wonderful! This week Witt was a part of family dinners on both sides of the family. One was a great outing to Santo's restaurant with the Luphers and the McCords gathered at Witt's house.

Adelaide and
Graham wore
their new Mickey
ears and...

Presented Witt with
his very own!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of staying with Witt while Melanie and Austan had a rare movie date! Witt was in such a great mood until of course I started videoing him!! He makes me laugh even more when he gets so serious when I point my iphone at him.

After tolerating this grandmom's filming it was rest time! No matter Witt is doing he just melts my heart and keeps it tender to God!

All your prayers are still very much appreciated! We are so grateful for each day with Witt and each week and each month as the days add up!!! Please continue to pray for Witt's health...specifically his heart and lungs. Please pray that as God continues to pour out His infinite grace that Melanie and Austan continue to accept it. They are simply amazing! And as always pray that in every detail that the name of Christ is magnified!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Witt has been doing quite well the last few days! Melanie has started giving
him baby food. It's a good way to increase his calories. Unfortunately
(or maybe fortunately!) it is through his feeding tube so he doesn't
taste the new delicacies!! The only problem in the
Lupher household is the air conditioner in their
house or maybe its just the record heat wave we
are having! Last night they had to turn
the AC off and drive around for a
couple of hours. Witt, however,
loves a car ride!

When they turned the AC back on it didn't seem to be working any better.
Melanie and Austan loaded Witt up and spent the night with us. Now,
I am sorry that the AC isn't working great but this is what I got
to see first thing this morning....

He really is a happy camper!