Monday, June 7, 2010


Witt's had a fun and healthy week! He has been feeling really well. Today he is at the cardiologist for his check-up. So far we know that Witt's blood work has come back good...all the levels are where they should be. Dr. Macicek was so kind to call Melanie this morning and let her know he couldn't be there today. "Dr. Ivory"(I won't even attempt to spell his last name!) is seeing Witt this time. He was Witt's doctor for a month this past summer and is wonderful! This week Witt was a part of family dinners on both sides of the family. One was a great outing to Santo's restaurant with the Luphers and the McCords gathered at Witt's house.

Adelaide and
Graham wore
their new Mickey
ears and...

Presented Witt with
his very own!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of staying with Witt while Melanie and Austan had a rare movie date! Witt was in such a great mood until of course I started videoing him!! He makes me laugh even more when he gets so serious when I point my iphone at him.

After tolerating this grandmom's filming it was rest time! No matter Witt is doing he just melts my heart and keeps it tender to God!

All your prayers are still very much appreciated! We are so grateful for each day with Witt and each week and each month as the days add up!!! Please continue to pray for Witt's health...specifically his heart and lungs. Please pray that as God continues to pour out His infinite grace that Melanie and Austan continue to accept it. They are simply amazing! And as always pray that in every detail that the name of Christ is magnified!


Elizabeth said...

Mr. Witt melts my heart and he is always in our prayers, We don't know your family, but we feel like we do! my husband will ask ( how is Witt doing ) seeing those precious pictures just melts my heart. Thank you for sharing Witt with us!!!

David said...

Cute little mouseketeers!

Gayle said...

Witt always makes us smile! Praise God for a wonderful week! The three mouseketeers looked pretty snazzy! We continue to pray and thank God for Witt and each of you. God KNOWS every need. We love you all so much!
Bobby and Gayle