Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well our trip to the nursing home was very interesting to say the least. We checked in at 2:30 on friday, signed a ton a paper work and then headed back to the hotel till 8:30 that evening. When we got back to the home a nurse let us in our room and that was the last we saw of anyone till we left. We did have one visitor come by though. It was around 10 and we keep hearing a knocking on our door but we weren't totally sure. Finally I got out of bed to check and sure enough there was a little old man going up and down the halls in his wheelchair knocking on all the doors. He was so sweet. We saw him the next morning trying to get out of the front door. Austan and I woke up around 6am and went and met my parents and Lynn at Ihop before they headed to Winter Park. Although the nursing home stay was very silly i'm glad we are able to get Witt on medicaid. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of Austan and me when it comes to Witt's future bills. All in all it was a fun trip! We had to pack what seemed like a months worth of luggage for two days but I enjoyed getting Witt out of the house. It's also nice to know that it is possible to take him places. Thank you for all your prayers for safe travels. If you would please pray for my mom, Lynn and Cheryl's family they will be driving back from Winter park tomorrow and Friday.
As for other news with Witt there isnt much to report. I took Witt to the pedi surgery nurse yesterday to get his g-button looked at because it keeps leaking. She was able to put in a new size so we are hoping that will fix the problem. He goes back to the cardiologist in July and his special needs doctor in August. We will also be starting back up his physical therapy soon. Here are a few pics from the weekend. I have pictures of our nursing home room but those are stuck on my camera. I will post them another time. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!!

Witt is a fan a twilight thats why he sporting his fangs. Witt's tooth count is up to 10!

This picture only took about 4 takes to get it right. The others are really funny but for my eyes only!! Ha!


annalee said...

hooray for a successful road trip and getting to see that adorable picture of you three again!

Nancy said...

Y'all did great on your first big trip as a family! (Woot!) Surely Winter Park won't be far behind! So grateful about the Medicaid provision--God is constant in His goodness and care. Love to you and hugs to Witt!

rise' said...

Great pictures!! Sure makes me wonder what the other ones look like. LOL. Love you guys!!

Katie and Justin Cox said...

YAY for Medicaid! What a sweet story of Witt's adventures in the nursing home! I love his "twilight tribute" pic!! So funny!! Happy 4th!!

Gayle said...

Loved the pictures--especially the family pic! We are so glad to hear everything went great on your first road trip! We love you all so much. You are always in our prayers.
Bobby and Gayle

Sonja said...

Glad that little journey is safely behind you and that it went so well!

I'm going to Norway tomorrow, my niece is getting married there and we will get to visit our aunts and cousins and go to the church where my parents were married! I'm excited!

I'll 'see you' when I get home...