Friday, June 25, 2010


Yesterday was Witt's first real car trip! Tonight Witt will stay in a nursing home near Killeen, Tx. This is the last step in Witt qualifying for a special medicaid program. I went along to lend a hand if needed. To make the trip a little fun and just in case there were any issues we went a day early and stayed in a hotel close by.



One of the harder things about the trip is the packing. Thankfully all of Witt's equipment is portable but there is quite a bit. Another issue is lifting Witt in and out of his car seat while maneuvering his tubes, oxygen and ventilator! This is probably the biggest need for the family right now...a vehicle where Witt's cart can simply be rolled in and locked down. His cart is also a car seat and if he could just be rolled in that would be wonderful. I have talked to some people about raising money for this and now I am praying and trusting in God to accomplish it!! Witt was a great traveler. Hopefully, staying in the hotel was a treat for Mel and sure was for me!

Witt played with his toys...

and enjoyed his mom!!!

The pack and play provided by the hotel doesn't work for Witt because of the tubes but a good old fashioned pallet does!
This afternoon its off to the nursing home to check in. Then back to the hotel because Witt, Mel and Austan don't have to actually be in the room for the night until 9pm. Please pray that the night is not too hard! Pray that God uses Witt, Mel and Austan in this setting to bring glory to His name!!!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Wow! I haven't checked in in a while. Witt sure is growing! I'll pray for a peaceful night. Hugs from Poetry. ~Mindy

Sonja said...

I'm glad to be back and visit you guys! Witt looks so adorable, and he has filled out like a cute little 'chunk'!

I'll be praying for tonight, that it goes quickly and peacefully for all.

Love you!


rise' said...

Can't wait to hear all about it. He's still such a beautiful little man! Love you guys...

Gayle said...

What a cute guy! Witt is getting so big. We hope it was a peaceful night for all. We will be praying for Sweet Witt,the family, and a special vehicle. God knows exactly what you are in need of. We will be praying.
Love all of you,
Gayle and Bobby

Elizabeth said...

Witt is growing so fast! He is just beautiful! praying that everything went well for your family.


trash talk said...

There is nothing better than sleeping on a Baptist pallet! It's just like a camp out.
He's getting to be such a big guy!

Anonymous said...

Once you have Witt's caseworker, they can help with vehicle modification too through MDCP. They even can do home modifications for the bathroom, etc... There is a lot they don't always tell you unless you have a good caseworker. We finally have a good one for Joshua and it really helps! We were able to get a stroller I needed for the days we don't need the wheelchair when medicaid wouldn't pay for it....

Call or email if you have any questions!
Olivia Ober

Lissa said...

He looks amazing and I send up my praise and prayers daily.I saw a special needs van on Ebay just the other day for less than $4000.I sure if you find something away from home blog followers wld get it to you.

connie said...

so happy this is behind you. And I'm glad you are home. He is beautiful. Wish I could have met him face to face, Karen! :)