Tuesday, February 9, 2010



It looks like Witt will be put back on the ventilator this afternoon so Melanie had a chance to hold Witt this morning! The main reason for the vent now is that Dr. Morales(the surgeon) wants to make sure that there is no infection in Witt's lungs. He wants Witt ventilated this afternoon and another chest x-ray taken tomorrow morning. If the x-ray shows no improvement then Dr. Morales wants to go into the lungs through the vent tube and possibly remove the fluid from the lungs. If there is an infection then surgery could be postponed. Witt has been on an antibiotic for several days so hopefully this is not the case!

Melanie and Austan met with Dr. Morales a little bit ago. He said there are three scenarios that could play out. He could just replace the valve with the mechanical one or he could try to repair the valve and do an echo in the operating room to see if the repair worked. Scenario two is if the repair worked then close Witt up but if it didn't work then scenario three. That would be to then replace the valve then with a mechanical one. Dr. Morales is one of the top cardiac surgeons and he will make the decision once he can look at the valve. Melanie said that Dr. Morales is a little more pessimistic about the outcome and overall affect this will have on Witt. Some cardiologists think this could have a huge impact but Dr. Morales is not sure. Having said that, we love Dr. Morales and appreciate his honesty from his perspective. He told us at the last hospital stay that he did not expect Witt to have ever gone home this last fall without at least another surgery or a trach. Don't you see that Dr. Morales' prospective is not bad. What if God decides to heal Witt through this surgery?!!!! Dr. Morales sure is "positioned" right to know that it was God and not just his incredible surgical talent! One of my greatest desires is for God to be glorified...for God to receive the glory that is due Him! I think it must be hard sometimes for these very very talented doctors to remember that it is still God that is in control and God deserves the ultimate glory!

Lord God, I ask You to work through Witt's surgery. I ask that the surgery be even more of a success than any doctor expects so that You and only You receive the glory!!!

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Gayle said...

How precious those pictures are ! He looks so peaceful and content in the safe loving arms of his precious mommy just as they both are in the srong safe arms of their loving Father.
As I was reading,the Word was saying,"Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. How awesome is the Lord Most High, the great King over all the earth. Praise Him! He is worthy!*Be still and KNOW that I am God!!!! So do not fear for I am with you.HE is our refuge; our strength. Clap your hands... Shout to God with cries of JOY!" Throughout Witt's life God's hands have been securely and lovingly on him. We have witnessed the works of the Lord and have seen WHO HE is. We know God is definitely in control. Praise be to God!
Witt's eyes, his smile--eyes with such love and expression, such light and a smile that reaches the depths of our heart and tugs at us to draw us in---Oh how we see and feel God in his precious eyes and endearing smile!
We are praying and trusting God with you and for you! We love you all so much.
Bobby and Gayle