Monday, February 1, 2010


Not much happened over the weekend! Witt has been feeling very well and I don't believe he has had a fever for a couple of days. He does remain on the ventilator. They will not try to take him off until some decisions are made. If surgery is in the near future he will most likely just stay on it. It doesn't seem to phase Witt much except he sure would like to roll to his sides and play. He can sleep on his side but can't be allowed to freely roll from side to side.

Today Dr. Morales should come by to discuss if mitral valve replacement is an option or even an option that they would want to take. I pray that God makes these decisions so clear that it actually feels like there are no choices to make. I pray that replacing the mitral valve is a clear cut choice! Above all I continuously pray for God's perfect will!


Anonymous said...

"actually feels like there are no choices to make" I am agreeing with you for just that my sister.
And thank you so much for the sweet videos. We feel like we know little Witt up close and personal when we get to see each video.

Ps 43:3

Glenita Hayden said...

Glad to see little Witts face again! Love seeing the pics & videos!! Our little guy has had a rough time in life so far. God knew Exactly who to send him to-Mel & Austan. Witt could never have parents more devoted than these 2! And with the rest of the 2 families & friends helping & all the prayers this blog has presented we know he is in the best hands he could be in. I'm still saying my prayers for Witt and ALL of you! God bless!!