Saturday, January 30, 2010


Not much has changed since yesterday which in someways is very good! No word from Dr. Morales yet and I don't think Melanie and Austan really expect to hear anything till Monday. Although Witt remains on the ventilator, he still manages to play around the tube!
While we wait I rejoice in all that God has done and continues to do in Witt's life. I don't know what Dr. Morales will have to say but I am asking God to direct his every thought especially concerning Witt!


Gayle said...

Precious video! Witt is so cute playing with his toys. Praying and trusting God for His guidance and direction to Dr. Morales and all who take care of His precious child, Witt. To God be the glory!!
Love you all,
Gayle and Bobby

Jenn said...

Witt is absolutely precious! He fills my heart and brings a huge smile to my face! I love to watch his videos! We continue to pray for God to hold Witt in his healing hands. Prayers for direction, comfort and guidance for Mel, Austan, and the doctors! We love you guys!

Jenn & Joseph