Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Witt is still slowly going in the right direction! Feeds have been started but were stopped last night so he could have work done on his existing PIC line or a new one put in. This procedure does require Witt to have a cardiac anesthesiologist. He is getting less and less sedation throughout the day so he is awake a lot more....awake and playing with his toys! Witt is now on ventilator support trials every 3-4 hours and seems to being doing good. So far we don't know when they might try to extubate. The main goal for today is a familiar one...pull more fluid off of Witt!!! His diuretic dose will be increased and/or another one may be added. There has been no mention of when Witt might be moved out of the CVICU. Hopefully he will be headed at least down to the PICU soon!!


cheryl said...

Slow and steady progress in GOOD progress!!!

Jenn said...

Good news to hear! We continue to pray for God to take care of our sweet little guy! Keep playing with those toys Witt! I am ready for another video! We love you!
Jenn & Joseph

Anonymous said...

Yeah, grandma. Videos are GOOD! I'm sooooo happy for Witt, of course, but how are mommy & daddy and the rest of you? Wish I could help out somehow! Really - if u guys need me for ANYTHING u know you got it! Love y'all !!!
Keep on truckin' little Witt-Man!!