Sunday, February 7, 2010


Witt is still off the ventilator but every time a blood gas is done there is a discussion of whether or not he should be put back on it! His CO2 remains very high but because some of the other numbers are also high it may not be because he is in respiratory distress but that his body is compensating. I hope I got that right! I may have a better explanation later!!! At any rate, the attending cardiologist will round in about an hour. He will make the call on whether or not Witt goes back on the vent. They did start his feeds this morning which has been stopped when he was extubated. The doctors never wanted to start the feeds in case he needed to be intubated. Finally today Melanie asked them to start the feeds. There is always a chance that feeding him which takes some energy to digest could tip him over the edge but Mel didn't want to keep waiting day after day. Witt is a trooper! I am always amazed at how he manages to play no matter what contraption he is on!!!


Gayle said...

That video makes me laugh! Witt is so cute! Plus I LOVE those legs. They move as fast as his arms do when he is playing. What a joy to see him playing and listening to him talking!
Not only are we praying, but our church continues to pray for precious Witt, too. All of our songs had the theme of giving it all to Jesus and trusting Him.
We KNOW God is in control and He knows every need--Witt's needs, the family's needs, the doctors' needs, every need. God is our protector. "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Ps 91:1-2
God will keep you securely wrapped in His loving arms and give you all comfort and rest.
We love you so much.
Bobby and Gayle

Jenn said...

Witt is so precious! I love to see his videos! We continue to pray for comfort & peace for Witt! My heart keeps telling me to be still and let God continue to do his work! We keep lifting our precious little one up and know that God is greater than anything! He is in control and knows exactly what Witt needs! We love you all!
Jenn & Joseph