Friday, February 12, 2010


Dr. Morales is working to repair the valve right now. When he has finished, Witt will be taken off of the bypass machine and will have an echo done. If the valve is functioning properly, Witt will be closed up. If Dr. Morales isn't satisfied with the repair, Witt will be put back on the bypass machine and Dr. Morales will replace the valve with an artificial one. We have no idea how long each of these steps will take but we will keep you posted as we hear anything!


Annie said...

We are praying that the surgery will be a sucess and that the Lord give you his peace the peace that surpass all understanding.

In his will,
Godfrey and Annie Garza

Gayle said...

Praying and trusting God.
We love you all.
Bobby, Gayle, Jenn, and Joseph

David said...


Glenita Hayden said...

Sending lotsa prayers !!