Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day! Witt would normally give you
a Valentine smile but he's not quite
up to that for today!

Witt is improving and looks much better today! He is still on the ventilator but they might try a pressure support trial this afternoon. This needs to be done a couple of times before the doctors would consider extubating. Witt has dirtied a diaper(bowels moving!) so he can be fed now. The feeds will be started sometime today and be given very slowly at first. For now its slow changes and no real timetable for moving out of CVICU. Definitely "as God leads!"

This is Witt's command center in his room! What do you think it
looks like around God's throne?!!!!!! Nah, just
God...that's enough...El Shaddai!


Rebecca Lingerfelt said...

PTL on Witt's recovery process and surgery success!
Happy Valentine's Day to you guys and especially for that precious little boy of yours. Give him a smooch from Grandmommy L. : )
Still praying!

cheryl said...

I love that little man! May this be a most blessed Valentine's Day!

mountainhomestore said...

I have been following Witt's progress for a couple of weeks. He and his family have been in my prayers each day.

sonja said...

Bless his precious little heart!

And that command center... wow!

So very glad this child is being 'commanded' by the great physician!!!

Hugs to Witt!

Gayle said...

He is such a strong, precious boy!
Even though he has just had surgery, you can still see a hint of a twinkle in those sweet eyes.
I am so thankful we CAN count on God to take care of Witt, Mel, Austan and their families.
Happy, Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!
Bobby and Gayle

Anonymous said...

What better than a healed heart for Valentine's Day?

Praying for the ever-impressive Witt, I am his prayer warrior in Virginia!

David said...

Glad to hear he's improving. He remains in our prayers.

Glenita Hayden said...

Happy Valentines Day Witt ! Love U and praying for you !!

Paula said...

Prayers are being said for ya'll from Plano, Texas. The Holy Spirit brings Witt - and each of you - to mind often. Praying that you all feel the power of Almighty God as He holds you in His capable and loving hands. May He pour out on all of you blessing upon blessing and give you the miracle for which we pray.

Debbie Mueller said...

Such a sweet boy! So thankful he continues to improve. You're all in our thoughts & prayers.

Shelley said...

God bless your little one...I pray he will improve day by day and and eventually be completely healed in Jesus name....

Kristin said...

Don't even know him but want to pick him up and squeeze him to pieces...So sweet and such a tough little guy!

Praying for his recovery in Dallas.