Thursday, October 23, 2008


I am not sure where to start but I start with what I know! God is good! I may not see it or understand these circumstances but God is good. We will hopefully get to see Witt before he goes to Texas Children. Right now he is getting help breathing and has some sort of syndrome that is not Downs. What I know is that this is a path less traveled but it is a path on which God promises to prosper Mel, Austan and Witt. We will not waste this walk and a walk without joy is a waste. A walk that doesn't bring God glory is the biggest waste ever. So pray for us, pray for Melanie and Austan, pray for Witt. We will walk with joy and keep our faces towards God. We will seek to loose ourselves so Christ can live. I don't want one day of our lives and not one day of Witt's life to not bring God glory. Thank you for your prayers...we need your prayers. This is the hardest walk Mel and Austan have ever been on...this is a walk of faith.

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