Monday, October 27, 2008


Last Thursday, October 23rd, my precious niece, Melanie, gave birth to her first baby, Witt Harris Lupher. Sweet, sweet, adorable Witt was born with Edwards Syndrome (Trisomy 18) a chromosomal disorder. Melanie and her husband, Austan, are such a tremendous inspiration to us all! They are examples of faith and strength and they are truly my heroes! None of us know how long God will share Witt with us here in this world but I assure you we are better just from knowing him...he has stolen our hearts!!! My entire extended family, as well as, the sweet Lupher family, is keeping a constant vigil up at Texas Childrens Hospital...we pray, we laugh, we cry, we eat! I am blessed beyond measure to have the love and support of my very close family but we couldn't make it without you, our dear friends!

My brother-in-law, Jim, and Evan's sweet wife, Annalee, are maintaining a blog for Witt...I encourage you to read it...let Witt touch your life, too!!! I don't know if it was a post from Jim, Karen or Annalee but they admonished the reader to cherish every single day and not to "fix" anything tomorrow...we are only promised today. I owe it to Witt to live my life with that passion.

And, yes, there is something you can do for us...PRAY! Please join us in praying for compassion and mercy and the peace that surpasses all understanding!
God is Good!



trash talk said...

Praise God for family! He is our rock and they are our anchor. Your precious Witt has been blessed with being born into such a strong, wonderful family. I am adding a link from my blog to yours and will keep you in my prayers.

Josh Bradley said...

Praying for you guys.

BDeLone said...

Dear Lupher family,

Congratulations on the birth of your precious son, Witt Harris. I understand how heartbreaking it must have been to find out he had Trisomy 18. As we know, each child with Trisomy 18 is unique. While the list of known defects is the same, some children are more affected than others.

If your family hasn't found us yet, I would like to invite you to register with the Trisomy 18 Foundation, & You will find a wealth of information on Trisomy 18, along with support boards with many loving and caring families that have walked this journey. You would also be able to create a legacy page for Witt, linking it to your blog, sharing your family's story.

If there is anything the Trisomy 18Foundation can do to support your family, feel free to contact us anytime. Please know that our hearts are with you and your family.

With warm regards,

Bianca DeLone
Staff at Trisomy 18 Foundation, Inc.