Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today has been another precious day with Witt.
and Mel.
and Austan.

Their family of 3 overwhelmed me with the way they lived today. I sit here tonight just trying to soak in the passion they are sharing for life. It is incredible.

This is just a small list of the things that you have done to make me stop and smile...

Your personality is coming out more and more. Your mom and dad know you so well already. They see "you" in the way your eyebrows move with expression. They see "you" in the way you suck your pacifier with gusto.
We all see it in the way you can be snoozing uninterrupted by the monitors and beeps but turn and open an eye at the mere sound of your mom or dad's voice. I loved getting to see your many faces today. You showed off with your content face, concerned face, peaceful face, and intrigued face. Your little yawn is beyond precious. The way you wiggled and worked to get perfectly snug in your blanket melts my heart. You have taught us to pay attention to every detail and celebrate each moment.

The verses with which you have covered Witt's crib are perfect. Your prayers for him as he grow in you are still so applicable today. I'm so glad you are sharing those with Witt and each of us that visit. The way you eagerly walk across the streets between Witt's room and yours all day (and night) even though you are still healing yourself from the 30 hours you spent delivering him. Your willingness to choose discomfort in order to pump milk in hope of providing nourishment for your son. The pride in your voice as you talk about Witt taking his passy, getting his bath, sleeping, etc. Your honesty and sincerity in each and every situation.

That smile nobody can wipe off your face. The "proud dad" stance that exudes from you. The "proud husband" words that are a constant. Your eyes that are red and puffy from your raw emotions you openly share for your precious son and all of us. The way you can describe in detail each medical aspect of Witt's care and condition.

I love all 3 of you dearly


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Raley Family Blog said...

We just want to thank you for allowing us to get to know Witt. He is so precious. We praise God for his life and the impact he is having each and every moment. We praise God for the strength He continues to give each one of you as you walk this new journey He has you on. Thank you for sharing with all of us the goodness of Christ. Know we love you and wish we were there to give you all a hug! Love, Mark, Alicia, Brit and Luke