Saturday, October 25, 2008


To Friends and Prayer Warriors

It’s amazing the impact a small baby can have on the life of so many people.  Melanie and Austan are impacted more than anyone.  They are the new parents of Witt Harris Lupher.  On October 23rd, he struggled into new surroundings and to become a part of a family forever that was so happy to welcome him.   The nurses and doctors were all helping, almost ministering to parents that were exhausted and struggling with the newness of what was to come.   There was the joy of a new family member being announced by Austan, with his outstretched arms and saying, “It’s a boy!”   The grandparents and all the family let out a collective shout for Austan and Melanie who have had to endure so much so fast as a couple. 

God is teaching all of us some incredible truths throughout this season of our lives.  Witt will only have a short time with us as he lives each day as a special gift from God.  We have learned that each day is the most important day each of us has.  We must never assume that we are going to “fix” something tomorrow.  Each day our God has given us is a day that is filled with the hope of the Glory of God if we truly know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  There will be times when God allows us to go through hard circumstances.  It’s rare that we ever really know why, but God’s glory shines in some of the darkest places at just the right times.  We need to keep an eye out for God at work all around us, not just in our lives, but in those we come into contact with everyday.  Witt has given us all an opportunity to really see what is most important to each of us and to take that very seriously.

Throughout this beautiful little boy’s life so far, we have all felt tremendous emotions.  That is a good thing.  Witt has the Spirit of God living in him just as we have the Holy Spirit in us.  Witt’s spirit connects us all to God in some unexpected ways.  First, of all he made parents of two beautiful, gifted people that are doing a great job of parenting in the most difficult situation you could think of.  If you haven’t seen Austan holding Witt and talking to the nurses and doctors, you haven’t seen an amazing dad.  The joy and love in Austan’s eyes says it all.  Melanie has surrounded Witt’s bed with the verses she prayed over him during her pregnancy.  She has taken 30 hours of labor and almost completely recovered in a day with the strength and skill for motherhood that blows us away.  You have taken the opportunity to not only to love on the Luphers, Austan, Mel and Witt, but to allow the body of Christ to shine on this family through prayer and comfort. 

So as a family we thank the friends and prayer warriors for your outpouring of love and prayers that has made a lasting impact on us all.  Our joy is that we know you and know that you have made a powerful difference in what we as a family have been through the last few days.  We hope that you are able to share in the lives of Witt, Melanie and Austan as we are for as long as God allows.  May God’s blessings reach each of you in ways as great as our God.          



cgilmore said...

Your family is truly a testimony of love in the world we all live. I know that God has Great plans for this family. You reminded me this year that God does not give us more than we can handle. If continue to pray for you and your family. Give Mel and Austaa a hug and a kiss for Witt.

kristin fulghum said...

we will not stop praying for the luphers. from 15 hours away our family has been blessed by your family.