Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am brought to my knees by the prayers and thoughtfulness of all of you! As Annalee said, your prayers are invaluable and now the other blessings that God is pouring out through the photo shoot(cupcake button) and the golf tournament fundraiser(elephant button) just floor me. Along with the golf tournament I believe there are plans for a silent auction! I will post more information as I get it. Please, please know that just as we have trusted God for Witt's life we also trust Him for the financial needs. Your greatest gift will always be your prayers!
Witt is still off oxygen and showing no signs of needing it. Please pray that God will be a Shield about him as more and more people come down with the flu!! Witt has a doctors appointment soon at Texas Children's. They are not allowing any child under 12 to visit the hospital because of the swine flu. Even though Melanie and Austan don't take Witt out, I am sure we are all exposed to it in some way. I wished I had bought some stock in Purell!!! Now that Witt is off oxygen it is easier to play with him. Yesterday Mel was rolling him up and down the hallway in his stroller. I tried to capture the laughter(of both!) but was too slow. Melanie did however video Austan and Witt playing!

Thank you to each of you...I pray today that God be glorified as He pours out His blessings in your lives!!!!~Karen

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David said...

What a sweet video!