Sunday, October 11, 2009


Witt is doing great...still off oxygen! Mel and Witt have settled into a good routine. Melanie has Witt's dry eraser board all filled out with his medication schedule which is a much easier schedule than it was when he was home for the 6 days between hospital stays. Witt is still eating every 6 hours around the clock which means a midnight and 6am feeding. Pray that Melanie and Austan can get enough sleep. The positive of a feeding tube is that Witt can sleep right through those feeds! Yesterday Witt, Mel and Austan had pictures taken by Ashley Allen(who generously donated her time) for his first birthday. Witt is almost ONE! Some people may not understand this but because of Witt's life I can proclaim the goodness of God. It's because of Witt's life and not in spite of it that I can shout that God is Faithful!!!
Forever God is faithful
Forever God is strong
Forever God is with us

Good Morning!

Nap Time!



Debbie Mueller said...

What a little JOY! So thankful that Witt is doing so good and he's HOME! I know ya'll are enjoying these precious moments.

Jenn said...

Witt you are just precious!!! I am so thankful he is doing so well. God is great! Miss you guys. Love you all!
Jenn & Joseph