Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Wow....Witt is 1 year old and not in the hospital!! He is growing and continues to gain weight. The hard part is keeping him from catching any respiratory infection especially any of the flu. Melanie and Austan are doing their part but we know that ultimately it is in God's hands just as everything else has been. Please pray for continued protection from any illness as Witt remains secluded. We have been told that the flu would be devastating to Witt. Tomorrow, Witt has to go to the pediatrician for his second flu shot. Dr. Lange and his office are so nice to allow him to be brought in at the end of their lunch break so he won't come into contact with any sick kids. Please continue to pray for Witt's heart also. It's hard to imagine as you watch him that anything at all is wrong with his heart but we know that his mitral valve is not great. Witt's is still able to remain off oxygen for the most part but his saturation fluctuates a bit. 2 nights ago Melanie had to put him oxygen for just a short time. He seems to have a little sinus drainage and the cardiologist has told Melanie that even a healthy persons osat would drop a couple of points with that. I am praying that it will go back up a couple of numbers and stay there!!!

Witt isn't sitting up on his own yet but he still likes the high chair!

Hopefully, the only infectious thing around

the house is Witt's laugh!


Gayle said...

We love his laugh! What a cutie!
You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Bobby and Gayle

The Apiary said...

Happy Birthday Witt, as always we continue to pray. I pray for Melaine sanity as well I know how the exclusion from the outside world can get to you.