Thursday, October 15, 2009


Witt continues to do well! Melanie is in the process of starting his physical and occupational therapy again. They are trying to work out a scenario where Witt doesn't have to go the the hospital once a week(and be exposed to everything there) but keep his two wonderful therapists, Stephanie and Jennifer. Please pray that the insurance issues get worked out for that to happen.

Witt is almost a year...unbelievable! Sometimes I go back and read from the first couple of weeks of Witt's life. I am in awe of our God! I am in awe because no matter what was happening He was there. He was undoubtedly there in the celebrations but most definitely there through the excruciating pain. Maybe that's one of the most valuable truths I have learned...He is with us....Emmanuel... but He is Emmanuel for all times! He is with us in the mountain tops but more importantly He is there in the valleys...the valleys of pain and suffering. Its why I can live today and look to tomorrow and be told not to worry. He is with me, He is with Melanie, He is with Austan, He is with Witt for all our todays and whatever our tomorrows hold!

A good morning talk from Witt!

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Jenn said...

Amazing God!!! He is always there just waiting for us to lean on him. God has shown us all what he can do through our little
Witt-ness! I am so thankful that Witt continues to do well. I pray Witt continues to grow strong and his immune system fights off anything he may be exposed to. I pray there is a way he can do his therapy away from the hospital. We love you all!
Jenn & Joseph