Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Witt had to be admitted to Texas Children's today. Hopefully this will be a short stay! The blood test showed that he is very acidotic. This isn't necessarily surprising since Witt has had diarrhea for several days. Mel had made changes at home with his feeds and diuretics trying to keep him plenty hydrated. It's really hard to know how much extra fluid to give Witt and what diuretic to hold. The pediatrician said its a little strange that some other levels are not out of whack too. They will run some more tests but he said most likely Witt will get better without us ever knowing what's caused it all. It's such a blessing to have the pediatrician at Texas Children's. He walked over to the hospital to make sure the doctors in the PCU understand that Witt cannot be hydrated too quickly or he will be overloaded with fluid which affects his heart and lungs. We were able to wait in the room at the pediatrician until a hospital room was ready. Witt used the time wisely to nap!

The Kangaroo Crew came to the pediatrician's office and got an IV in on the first try!!!
The wait was not very long before Witt's room was ready and Witt was all settled in.

The plan right now is to give Witt half his fluids by the gtube and half through the IV. Hopefully this will hydrate him but not overload him! Please pray that this is a short stay! Also, pray that God is able to use this time in the hospital to His glory...He is so Faithful!!!


The Primitique said...

Hate to hear this! Praying. ~Mindy

Elizabeth said...

Checked in on Mr. Witt today and am very sorry that he is in the hospital. We will be praying very hard that his stay there will be short and he will be feeling better soon.

Jenn said...

We are praying for you Witt! We love you!
Jenn & Joseph