Thursday, July 15, 2010


Witt is feeling much better! His latest blood test showed everything is going in the right direction. His sugar level is low so he is getting dextrose. AND so far Witt is not holding extra fluid!! The attending who has seen Witt before(I think they all have!) said that Witt looks really good. Today's plan is to start feeding him a mixture of formula and pedialyte. Later today he will be given some of his normal medications with the goal of getting him back on his home meds. We have been catching up with old friends from the hospital...they have been stopping by to see Mel and Witt. We even ran into Chase and his mom, Carol! Chase is the young man who had the lung transplant and we have had the blessing of getting to know his family. The doctors are hoping this is a very short stay. Its funny to watch them say that with a little cringing. The last 2 hospital stays(for very different reasons) were each 4 months. We know that God is in control and has numbered all our days...even these days in the hospital!!!


The Primitique said...

This sounds like good news to me! Glad to hear the numbers are looking good and no fluid retention. Prayers continue. ~Mindy

Elizabeth said...

Checking in on Mr. Witt! I am so glad that Witt is feeling better today, I went to bed last night and prayed and prayed! Praying for a short stay.