Friday, July 30, 2010


Witt had a busy day yesterday. First an appointment with the pediatrician(Dr. Tapia) at
Texas Children's then lunch at Santo's. He was very patient waiting for
me and Mel to load the car and his equipment!

It's a good thing Witt had his shades because
it was very bright outside!!

It was a great appointment with Dr. Tapia. Witt basically weighed the same as he did two weeks ago before he got really sick and had to be admitted to the hospital. Dr. Tapia is scheduling another swallow test to see if Witt can eat some food by mouth. He has started to really show interest when Mel and Austan are eating. Dr. Tapia is also scheduling some sort of oxygen requirement test. This will accurately measure much oxygen Witt requires. Witt also was given 3 shots!!! This did bring him completely up to date on his vaccinations! Doctor's appointment and then lunch. Witt was tired...very very tired!

Waiting to see the doctor!


Gayle said...

We are so glad Witt is home! He is getting so big. He's always been so cute!!! 21 months old--21 months of allowing us to be with you on this journey and see God's love, comfort, peace, and blessings poured out on Witt and your family as you and each of us continued to put our trust in Him.
Praise God for everything. How God shines in Witt's precious eyes and smile. We love you all and have you in our prayers.

Bobby and Gayle

Elizabeth said...

Love to see Witt so HAPPY! So glad that the Doctor's appointment went well. Always praying for your family!

rise' said...

He's just the cutest little man!!! Can't wait to see him again! Oh...and you guys, too, of course. LOL.

Olivia said...

My little man (and foster daughter) see Dr. Tapia too! We love everyone there! Glad to see he is doing well!

Blessings, Olivia