Thursday, July 22, 2010


Witt is definitely doing better. Melanie is changing a little fewer diapers with less volume! We still do not have results from the IgG test. Witt looks like he is getting back to his normal fluid level. His little eyes sink in when he is dehydrated but now his face is filled out nicely. He is still getting more than his maintenance amount of formula and water all(formula and water) through his gtube. He is waking up happier and smiling more...of course he always smiles at Mel and Austan!

There has not been any talk of going home yet. Witt needs to back on his home regiment of feeds and medicine. Right now they are slowly reducing his overall liquid intake but still making sure he is hydrated. Witt has now been in the hospital 8 days and it has passed quickly. We certainly desire God's timing in all this...I'm simply asking for His timing to go home to be soon!!!!


Gayle said...

Cute videos! We love his sweet smiles. God knows the perfect minute for Witt to go home. We are praying with you.
Love you all,
Bobbby and Gayle

Elizabeth said...

Checking in on your precious Witt, so glad he is doing better! Praying he goes home soon.

rise' said...

He makes me say "awwwwww." So thankful he's feeling better. Less volume is always good!!

Bettyann said...

what a sweetie...susch a beautiful smile..glad to hear Witt is feeling better..take care..