Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Lots of Smiles!!

Well, at least Mel is smiling...
I think Witt has had enough!!
Although we did take Witt to the hospital he did not get to have the swallow study. In order to perform the test Witt's cuff in the trach has to be deflated. This really upsets him. He gags quite a bit and cries...and Witt never cries!! Melanie got him all ready but he was too upset to even try to swallow anything. The occupational therapist recommended that Mel deflate the cuff at home for very short periods of time to help Witt to tolerate it! Next up is an appointment Monday afternoon with the gastro doctor. Hopefully he will have some insight and suggestions to help with Witt's slow motility!

With Witt it's always a good morning!!!


rise' said...

He's a smilin' little man! Can't wait to see him again in person!!
Love you!

Gayle said...

Love those smiles! He is such a cutie.
Love you guys,
Bobby and Gayle

Anonymous said...

So Beautiful to see Witt doing so well, I love the pictures, Mr. Witt is always in my prayers.