Monday, September 27, 2010


I am sitting here in Warrenton at the Zapp Hall Antique show watching Witt!! He's been here a couple of days. Mel and Austan actually took him to Houston earlier today to the pediatrician. They just wanted the doctor to examine Witt again since he is still pretty junky. This is the first respiratory type illness Witt has had since he's been on the vent and so far he is handling it pretty well! The doctor said that Witt has a good bit of congestion but the xray showed no pneumonia or wetness in his lungs!!!
This next part absolutely brings tear of joy to me...the doctor that saw Witt today was on the NICU team when Witt was born. She said that Witt has grown so much and that honestly they didn't expect Witt to live. That's why we leave all our expectations at God's throne. Somehow God trades our expectations for His peace and He alone has the final say on all things!


Elizabeth said...

Witt is such a blessing to so many people! Wishing you all a wonderful time and praying for complete healing for Witt!

Shelley said...

So sweet ...just a little miracle indeed...praise God.

Anonymous said...

Have fun, Witt!

John, Jamie, Hailey and baby Caleigh said...

Witt you are SO handsome! I haven't told my new batch of students about you yet, but we have already started saving can tabs! Mrs. Anderson loves you baby Witt!!