Saturday, October 15, 2011


Melanie, Witt, Annalee, Adelaide, Graham and I loaded up the Tahoe and drove to Wheeler, TX for Witt's first wedding! It was Lisa Scott's wedding. She is one of my best friend's(Carol Scott) daughter who grew up with Melanie and Evan. The wonderful time began with a hayride/barbecue followed the next day with the rehearsal dinner. We have been in an extreme drought but it rained all 4 days we were there. It was hard to complain but we did ask God to part the rain for a brief time for the outdoor ceremony. Witt's first wedding was a wonderful blessed event!!

God stopped the rain the day of the wedding and brought cooler weather!

Witt and the bride and groom(Lisa and Seth)

Austan, Melanie and Witt were all smiles at a wonderful first wedding!

Witt and the mother of the bride(Carol)


Sonja said...

I can hear Karen laughing on the video! I am struck, as I always am, by what beautiful parents and grandparents Witt has. Melanie, you just glow!! I remember the days when no one would have dreamed Witt would be attending a wedding, and having so much fun!! This whole story is God's story!

Love you guys!


annalee said...

It was pure delight getting to travel with you guys and enjoy the weekend together! love you so much wittster.