Sunday, December 28, 2008


Witt continues to improve. His oxygen is turned down to about the lowest possible setting and his saturation stays mostly at 100. Respiratory continues to do the "clapping" therapy and yesterday added breathing treatment. This morning they did a deep suction which really helped also. Tomorrow morning his lungs will be xrayed and he will have another echocardiogram just to make sure fluid is still gone. Witt is eating great and really taking things in now. You can't help but melt when he looks right at you and furrows his brow! These last weeks were certainly not the plans I had made but they were the steps directed by God. We can choose to be dragged in those steps kicking and screaming or we can be carried by Christ. One way leaves the footprints of Christ for others to follow, the other way just leaves marks in the dirt. I pray we always choose Christ...our Refuge, our Strength, our Hope!


Biker Chick said...

That is one of the most powerful statements I've ever read. How many times do we just want to kick and scream?! Wow. I know the purpose of this blog is to keep us updated on Witt's progress but you all really are reaching out to people with your faith. Thank YOU for doing that. I continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I was just checking in to see how Whit is doing today. I hope that you guys will be home soon. God Bless and prayers for some great news.