Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The mucous is gone out of Witt's lung but there still is fluid in both so they are continuing to "push" oxygen with a cpap. He is still off the ventilator but his breathing rate is a little fast. The nurse just gave him a diuretic. Please join us in praying for the fluid to leave his lungs and his breathing rate to come down! We know that Witt will be here in the hospital for Christmas but without a doubt this is the best place for him right now! This may be the easiest Christmas to truly remember what we are celebrating...the birth of our Savior...the birth of the One who came to give us life...the birth of the One that holds Witt in His hands. I look at Witt and can't imagine that Christ gave up His place in heaven to come as a baby just like Witt. Nevertheless, He came and that is what we will celebrate as a family tomorrow...from Colorado to Texas!!!


Mandi said...

Merry Christmas to your sweet family! Hugs & prayers from Florida!

connie said...

Merry Christmas. Rejoicing with you that Witt is here this Christmas. Wish it wasn't being spent in the hospital, but I'm so glad his is a full family, celebrating together.

Mommy Leah said...

Have a Merry Christmas, precious family. Enjoy that sweet baby! What a celebration to have him in your lives - regardless of where you are celebrating!

Alyson said...

Just got home from Christmas Eve service.....a special prayer was said for Witt tonight. Please know we're all praying for you and sending hugs and well wishes your way!
Jeff & Alyson