Friday, December 19, 2008


Thank you, God! The fluid around the heart is the same which is good news. They will not tap his heart. The cardiologist said the fluid is not hurting his heart at all, no stress or strain. Also they are doing more and more to let Witt breathe on his own. He is already trying to breathe even with the ventilator. As we continue to seek God and His strength, He is so faithful! He is faithful even when my trust and strength are failing. There were times that all I could do was simply say His name over and over again. His strength never fails. He has continued to fill me over and over again with a blind trust in Him, the kind of trust that God wants us to have, the kind of trust that can only come from Him!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Wonderful news! Prayers and praise continues. ~Mindy

Kay said...

Thank you Lord for your continued faithfulness for Witt and this family.

Debbie S said...

I pray this baby will be allright, heck its making me a nervous wreck just thinking about him. I look at your site at least 7 times a day to be updated. I'm always so thankful when its good news
Debbie ---- Henderson, Tx

sonja said...

Witt is our special Christmas gift this year... to you, and to all of us who continue to pray for him and believe that GOD has Witt in HIS hands!!!

Penny said...

Praying for Witt and the family. God is so good and in all things we praise his name. So glad little Witt is being taken such good care of in the picu.
I pray for peace and rest for your family.
I pray for the skilled hands of the Doctors and nurses.
I pray that Witt's tiny little body fits that infection and heals.
I pray that you all get to be home and healthy by Christmas.

Leslie said...

love you guys and our little guy.
see you soon.
-leslie & chris

Jenn said...

This is great news! I pray that God continues to heal Witt. God is our strength! We love you guys!
Jenn & Joseph