Friday, December 19, 2008



Still don't know about fluid on heart. The head cardiologist (who we love!) wants to look at it for herself. The xray actually shows the heart to be "smaller". The head doctor said that she thinks he is looking good. Kind of no biggie to them if they have to "tap" him to get fluid off heart. If they do get some fluid they will send it off to be analyzed...might get some hints on what is going on. The fluid could even still come back but doesn't seem alarming to them. Because I know nothing medically, it is very apparent that all we can do is trust God. Mel and I just sit here and watch all these machines and hear bells and beeps! The head doctor was actually very encouraging.

Earlier this morning

Witt is doing better. They continue to wean him slowly from the ventilator. Right this second they are doing an echo cardiogram to be sure his heart is still functioning properly. When his sedation wears off, he wakes up and cries which is very hard on Melanie. With the tube in his mouth he can't make crying noises but he looks around and big tears come out of his eyes. The nurses quickly give him more sedation. The good news is that when this does happen he breathes a lot on his own. We haven't talked to the doctors yet this morning, but will share their reports as we know more.

Praying Witt is snug in his bed at home again soon!
(picture from last week)


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I will pray that he's home soon and better. You are in my thoughts, Theresa

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Prayers continue for Witt, your family and the medical staff. ~Mindy

Mandi said...

The idea of Witt crying big tears just breaks my heart!

Praying for Witt to be healed soon so he can be home with his family. And I'm praying for sweet Melanie to be comforted as she waits for God to heal her baby boy.

Katie said...

Praying for baby Witt!